Puppet Master Flying Skill — Moonlight Blade Online — Tangmen

I finally unlocked the flying skill for Tangmen the Puppet Master.
https://youtu.be/a1I5ZwVIgJU- Drunken Master Flying
https://youtu.be/Ce77ZoryUI4 — Flying Sword Master
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Комментариев: 34
  1. GhostHunterz

    u still play BDO?

  2. lost luck

    that looks so cool

  3. AzureRoxe

    If this game comes out worldwide, i pray to God it's not a giant disappointment like Revelation Online was.

  4. Eharan L

    The game is huge, beautiful both music and graphic but so…. empty

  5. samonte banks

    imagine if there was midair combat

  6. Aethelfeld

    Unbreakable machine doll~!

  7. Rumpel Bambaryłka

    isnt flying annoying?

  8. Maickel Vieira

    Its so cute how he grab her hand and go flying away :3 so cute

  9. 清水凪

    Tangmen in many Chinese games are assassins, the puppet thing is pretty new and clever.

  10. Ukoza Fei

    Wow, uh.. that's actually… kind of romantic :P

  11. Alex wang


  12. 常修

    the charactor take his puppet flying toghter?

  13. Princess Of Dumbasses

    is this class gender locked?

  14. JV T

    Nice! I never really got to see this class' flying skill up close and long enough. Only the umbrella class is so popular here on Youtube :(

  15. epicwarding

    look another mmorpg with Low frame rate when 20 players on screen, just like all other mmorgs, YEY !! FUN!! LAG !!!

  16. 鬼Gozu

    how big is the world compared to bdo.

  17. Ar Son

    yeah this game flying skill make everyone drop their jaw. but how you fight with other players while flying. I mean it's cool flying with dancing in Sky but I never see video people fighting while they fly. it's kinda worthless beautifully flying but can fight at the same times.

  18. Dark Wish

    Lol can you disable that retarded shaking?

  19. De Wulf

    Best looking mmorpg so far for me, no texture popping and the distant landscape looks amazing

  20. MMO's 4k Gaming!

    Grats on unlocking it looks really nice,

  21. audiencefromspace

    Looks damn gorgeous!

  22. Echonic

    Yeah…. no magic my ass!

  23. Elisei Danciu

    The flying thing is the only cool thing in this game.

  24. Neko Gaming

    all this flying is there a safer way for us non 1080 and up user to just warp ?

  25. Toraseishin

    Steparu! I love your puppet master and I hope to see more gameplay videos with him ^^ <3
    Also, could you possibly make a video showing the male outfits and hair accessories? I have yet to see a good video showcasing all the outfits Moonlight Blade has to offer so far.

  26. Danku

    this game is so damn STYLISH, credit where is due…
    …but I think i'd get motion sickness from all that camera shaking

  27. Namida

    Totaly not creepy to create puppet as underage girl

  28. KayAndroid

    Hm… I feel like this one doesn't make as much "sense" as the others, but it's cool how he teleports to the puppet :o.

  29. Devo X

    please tell me there is an english patch.. please please.

  30. sowon TH

    T_T i wanna play this game too but I don't know how to get account there and playing on low ping. I'm getting a new Internet provider(100k MBit/s) currently I have 50k….so is it playable?

  31. Meku Xu


  32. Dominic Walker

    when we will be able to play this at EU OR NA servers ?

  33. 혜품달

    ultra graphic?

  34. Dark Veins

    I'm still working how to get that skill

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