Punishing Gray Raven Global Nightblade Watanabe Gameplay HD 2K

Punishing: Gray Raven Watanabe Nightblade in action. I just hit level 60 so I wanted to do a special video on my main character. Nightblade against story bosses and other contents. I know everyone uploads waifus so here is some husbendo content.

00:00 Badass Nightblade Here We Go~!
00:05 Final Story Boss 8-12 No Damage
01:02 Roland Boss No Damage
01:41 Aife Memory Rescue Lv.80 — Solo No QTE / Swap
03:37 A-Watanabe Nightblade Memory
03:49 Warzone Performance
06:07 Multiplayer Performance 316K DPS
07:32 Memory Farm Dungeon

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Комментариев: 33
  1. Nozerk

    Wow. You dodge so smoothly.

  2. Ded

    Lol that was amazing

  3. NerdematicsFTW

    whats your attack button bound to?

  4. Alchemxst Xavier

    I love his shadow clone passive. Nice dodging 😳

  5. Catzor

    You're gonna like his S version although that one is more on AoE and not as flashy. You have unique dodging style, I've never seen anything quite like it.

  6. 3 Salt

    this got pc version?

  7. Hot PancakeZ

    Where or how to download 😭

  8. Taurus

    Coolest attacks in the game

  9. Taurus

    Can you please do a video on aife lvl 80 battle with f2p units?

  10. Skyden

    What emu are you using?

  11. JeanGrey

    Steparuuuu do you have bianca zero? I already build my bianca to SS rank lol.. should i build watanabe tho? Also can you show me how to aife with bianca? :D

  12. Numba02

    Awesome it's nice to see videos of non S ranks having fun and doing well. Just wish my luck with the 5* weapon drops in co-op would work. Must resist urge to summon for weapons!

  13. paku

    I just woke up and I thought the title said Nightblade Wannabe. I wipe my eyes a bit and it’s actually Watanabe.

  14. megumint

    what emu are you using?

  15. SeuMelhorAmigo

    So now he kidnapped Liv and Nanami? This guy is a badass for sure

  16. Pro Killer

    Is it only me who read his name as wannabe lol

  17. Neet

    Gear please? what memories / set? 5-star weapon?

  18. wolfsoldier5

    Do you have a video showing your keys setup for this game?

  19. McKinley Smith

    How can I unlock him

  20. Panda Bear

    How much bp does watanabe need to beat aife? I'm at 3k now still getting capped by timer

  21. light18pl

    Generally those fights are easier with a full team of 3. Steparu is just flexing on us by using a single character :P

  22. Tuna

    what emulator did u use steparu ?

  23. boop boop

    fr thought this was soul worker lol

  24. Mei

    Watanabe is actually the only character i like in this game both design and story wise, I still main him now, just need to dodge better, i see.

    Thanks for Watanabe content lol


    His special skill is massive.

  26. ryan devine

    I tought somebody using your name, until i saw this video u playing watanabe.. i just realize real steparu in my friendlist 😁😁👋

  27. rienlen

    Really great dodging 😳 thank you for sharing your gameplay

  28. another

    the most underrated construct :D

  29. Ichirou Takashima

    We need an S character of him, lmao.

  30. Khoa Le

    hey just wanna ask, why ppl are saying watanabe bad? I have his 6 star weapon and I dont know if I should invest in him

  31. v_delacroix

    What does his special skill do? Spinn his blades to attack?

  32. Gevan

    My main from Kamui Tenebrion change to Watanabe, I love his generic final with a mask its so Badass🔥🔥🔥

    Instead for me, from a heavy char (Kamui Tenebrion) to agile char (Watanabe), kinda hard to control :(

  33. 123al 456fin

    rip my phone…

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