Punishing Gray Raven Global Gameplay HD 2K

I finally decided to try out Punishing Gray Raven for the first time. Unfortunately, the game has got some drama revolving around it atm. A bit weary if I should keep on playing Global or hop on the other versions. I also want a PC version!

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00:00 Meow meow meow meow meow
00:05 Chapter 5-8 Wall Starter Lucia
02:00 Some Robotic Eye Boss
03:44 Characters Preview
04:42 My UI Setup for Android on PC
05:13 More Story Stuff~
06:09 Random Warzone
08:35 Dorm Preview
09:49 Ten Gacha Pull Preview

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  1. Kyanpufa Lolifox


  2. Alchemxst Xavier

    I’m almost on that stage. You are really good, nice vid. ✨✨✨

  3. AzureRoxe

    Such a good game ruined by greed, lies and power-hungry moderation on their Discord.

  4. Espei

    I don't usually like playing these on mobile but the controls are responsive and actually feels good to play. Hope for a PC version too. Nice vid as always. 😊

  5. Youtubɛ

    too bad it's a mobile game.. if only PSO2 NG had this kind of combat or even this graphic.

  6. another

    I'm screaming !!! Give us the PC version of this !!!

    btw — noice vid as always —-
    that mini boss in the beginning was hella hard for the first time those who joined on ma clear always end up dead —

  7. Unlimited Quick Works

    Wait what? Did they release the global versión already?

  8. Hayashi Shirou

    when Nier collaboration comes, must get the A2 gacha character. She'll be one of best tankers that can solo bosses. whilst, 9s is good healer and 2B quite meh. played CN server but quit becoz ping too high. D: it looks that u get a great healer S rank unit from beginning.

  9. FYKZ

    Honkai is better

  10. Zakaria Jaka

    I got the similiar UI ldplayer like you… But why everytime i move the mouse it miss or stop to move

  11. sXz zero

    can't believe im enjoying this game been hours almost out of so called "stamina system"

  12. light18pl

    Wow this gameplay is so clean. Is this an emulator?

  13. Yeest540

    I haven't seen that layout. I guess it's in the options somewhere? (You answered it in the video) I like the game so far it's just hard for me to play well on a tiny 5-6 in screen and using only 2 thumbs X.X

    How's the 1-8 working out for activating those orbs? It's the only way I could think of if they made a PC client.

    Also what's the drama? I don't really follow that kind of news…

  14. General Rameivis

    3.2 stars of rate in the playstore god the bombing is real xD. im not going to touch this game right now i better wait to see if devs do something right for once in history. ty dor the video steparu :D

  15. metalsnake27

    The drama is about people being angry over the fact that they are playing a mobile game with greedy monetization practices.

    In other words, every mobile game ever made.

  16. Kirito 13Z

    Hey can anyone tell me which is the best emulator to run this game on PC?

  17. Tiny

    Whenever I watch anime and there is a new Anime lady I go "Oh, a steparu".

  18. Elijah

    Just saw it on the playstore getting 1 star bombed. Can anyone enlighten me what the hell happened? The rating was 4.7 a few days ago.

  19. Nhut Minh

    such a good game ruined by monetization, if they just do everything fairly like other server none of the problem will become this worse , people now going off raging on Rating it bad on CH play , they're rated 2,8/5 from 4,5/5 JUST in a few days, i hope KURO GAME wake the fuk up and learn their lessons

  20. Spider 2B

    Nice glad to see you trying out PGR!
    DW bout the drama, just have fun. Been playing the taiwanese version for a while myself and its def kept my interest.

  21. Skycaller MMO

    I was going to ask actually "yo step, you not playing PGR?" And then this came out lol
    Nice vid as always btw, that chap 5-8 boss is crazy as hell

  22. Rozuga

    why steparu is so good playing on any games!? Im a big fan of you now

  23. Anakin Sepherd

    the story is really mind blowing and best in anime games 🔥, playing like anime episode 1 story per day

  24. Dav

    Please just make a PC version, and an anime :)

  25. Bork

    are you not saving for alpha?

  26. Ahmet Cemal Güler

    What is this game's name

  27. MK3Shogun

    Ah a latex dressed female as it should be.

  28. mathetes

    One of the best mobile out there for sure given fighting mechanics alone. Yet it is too moooooonoooootoooooonoooooous to enjoy it, monotonous in every way possible.

  29. ithildiess

    THIS IS MOBILE? serious? it looks insanely good

  30. Tanjiro Kamado

    there are no marketing for this game, I found it by accident btw

  31. Kemil Gaming

    Did try this already, pretty good game, but it feels like Honkai Impact, I don't like it…

  32. Kei Esper

    I will keep playing global but without throwing any money at it unless they fixed the current issues.


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  34. Phil

    >> Unfortunately, the game has got some drama revolving around it atm


  35. synday

    oh dang finally found your channel again

  36. Genetic Overdrive

    Really looks like Honkai Impact. Specially when I saw Liv movesets reminds me of Herrscher of Void though.

  37. Hinami Mei

    Hey had u played Dragon Raja yet?! I love that game mobile game :D

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