Project Tokyo Dolls Combat Gameplay Preview HD 【プロジェクト東京ドールズ】

Tokyo Dolls came out last night. Combat good enough to reroll.
Timing based, fever mode, active skills, and manual blocking! — Mobile — RPG -More Info below.

Download on Android Using 3rd Party — ApkPure’s Direct DL — QooApp

If the game keeps sending you to the start screen.
Setting your device time or location to «Tokyo» fixes this.

Played on PC Using Bluestacks3 Beta

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  1. ND_Lee

    Does your location have to STAY on tokyo in order to play? or can i just change it once and change it back?

  2. Riddif Mandela

    i'm surprise this game already have a community. well, the game looks good. might try it.
    Square Enix needs to do more this kind of game.

  3. metalkez


  4. mason_haha

    this is a MOBILE GAME?

  5. John Lim

    but too bad for me, not available to this country

  6. Misandod

    You play again female character you gay ? fuck off m8

  7. Wee Waaa

    This actually looks very promising.

  8. kero nya

    Setting the timezone to 'Tokyo' did nothing for me… I got the error message code: 408, translated into saying that the server lost connection/server has timed out.. Is this for a different reason that I will need to find another way around to play the game again?? I think the game just finished undergoing maintenance, and of course, the reason why it will do this for people is to prevent people outside of Japan from playing the game which is understandable.. It's not available in the App/Google Play Store to begin with… Some help/comments are appreciated.

  9. blahblahboii

    Fate/GO needs to step up their game huh?

  10. Wildsleven

    can i enjoy this game with no japanese knowledge? :P

  11. Вал Ква

    Япония — рай для педофилов???
    каждая игра про …вот это…фу-фу.

  12. mvpmickey1

    I see the "Auto" I ignore

  13. Fahd Magat

    Even Steparu isn't blessed by UR in this game… dem 1% chance.

  14. Icedkocha

    Square Enix pulling the plug on Akashic Re:cords. Wasn't even a year old.
    With their track record I'm not putting any chips on this or SINoALICE

  15. Hecate338

    anybody used Nox emulator?
    I can't get this game to work on it

  16. Master Race

    im mentally retarded. i never understood the combat system. XD

  17. Andrew Akira

    I don't understand why anyone would waste the time trying to re-download for rerolls. My first download sucked. Then I did the 11 download which doesn't take long at all and got amazing rolls. Rolls are so easy in this game.

  18. Jiry De Boer

    pff it's been 3 hours, the download is at 3%… is this normal?

  19. walter yuri


  20. Balalaika Channel

    I hope they will release this game at server global. I real love this game. Of course I already play this game in a server Japan is so cool and cute.

  21. Anajiis TouchGameplay


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