Project Black Sheep Gameplay Insert From Trailer

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  1. B.Kind

    It's probably instanced.

  2. MintyHusky

    me want :3

  3. amr omran

    looks like C9

  4. satelizerx

    So its just all vindictus should of been? :P

  5. ultama7

    O>O Epic Just Happened…….

  6. Desu VR

    Looks to me like there's slightly too much time for the enemy to hit you after a combo, that can be frustrating, especially so if there's stun-lock.

  7. Nathan Fontaine

    This game looks really good, Japanese?

  8. KennadyxKohai

    QwQ Too bad I won't be able to play. I hope you have fun with it though.

  9. greatgodKT

    remind me of dmc for some reasons

  10. Hidden Rooster

    Looks like a mix of DMC, Vindictus and Blade & Soul to me.

  11. Kaoru Sugimura

    time for sli lol

  12. Pupah

    i'll tel what it looks like, it looks cheap as hell

  13. Avalon Sanctum

    A worse version of Vindictus.

  14. Seraphinax

    Rusty Hearts set in Aion to me, which I don't think is a bad thing.

  15. Deathandtheapple

    Written language-wise, Japanese look simple and mostly rounded (minus borrowed chinese words), Korean look blocky like the ones in this video, Chinese looks straight up angry and evil and snarling at you with over 100000 strokes per word.

  16. Yuki Fubuki

    then u realize that in china u can get fired from ur job if ur hand writing isnt good, so u hav to pamper those evil snarling strokes

  17. LyingLychee

    As far as I can tell, Vindictus was the only other game that had physics, so this game is pretty interesting.


    the korean games are so good!! specially Alicia online

  19. Deathandtheapple

    That's b/c the important nouns in Japanese are all traditional Chinese writing (still used in Taiwan). The last two characters in your user name are Chinese in origin.

    They simplified a lot of parts of speech using kana to improve literacy way back in the days. These days it is seen as a sign of intelligence if you know a lot of kanji (borrowed words from the Chinese language).

  20. ONILEO00

    I hear something like a Balaur (Aion) at 0:24

  21. Reynard Chang

    What's happened to the game? has the game stopped being developed?

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