Power Rangers Online First Look Gameplay ACT1 1st Map Open Beta

Saving the world, one little girl at a time.

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  1. Shadowbrand529

    One reason I liked Mystic Force, Dem Capes and that Magic lol

  2. Libyan Cumguzzler

    All this game needs is gokaiger

  3. Door Stuck

    Now only if they had an online sailor moon game like this…

  4. Drysnalg

    I know it isnt a foreign game but do you plan to cover games that are in closed beta even if they are in English? (Marvel Heroes for example)
    Im just hyped for the game <.< Btw, do you have any upcoming coverage of an anime/manga style game?

  5. blooderx1

    salut, un id de skype ceva imi poti lasa si mie? Apreciez channelul tau keep up the good work !

  6. uoi100

    I'd like a magical lyrical nanoha online game xD

  7. v

    this does not process.

  8. Trung Th

    2:11 made my day lol!

  9. TheBlackDemiGod

    … O.O how this ever been thought of i just mean like… wow……(thinking about killing my self) WHAT HAVE GAMES BECOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. meetjoefair

    LOL SO CUTEEEEEEEEEE i wish they have Sailormoon >.<

  11. Jazneo Gaming

    Should this game be call super sentai? instant of power rangers

  12. mabinuqi


  13. Demyx H

    the hell did i just see o_o

  14. erehinater

    Image the epic town smashing gameplay!!

  15. Claythias

    hey steparu :) ever thought about making some commentaries? :)

  16. Gothic

    Looks like the mighty morphin power rangers model.

  17. Keeper Filmz


  18. Hextech T V

    1:40 — 1:45 HAHAHAHA Dat Steparu …. :3

  19. hard mode

    i dont believe this game is also good and i want to play it…

  20. Nathan Fontaine

    one can not simply make a sailor moon game

  21. kaybo

    But I want ultraman… :(

  22. jeffdaking

    Those minion dudes are annoying as hell O.o

  23. QueenEtna

    Why does this exist? xD Man I remember playing a playstation 1 game of power rangers and the way it looks is very similar..

  24. Teh_Scoutistic

    Steparu: "little girl, i'll save you"
    Korean little girl: "uh??"

  25. MrRezule

    first thought: Wut…
    After trance: WUT!?
    turns into cannon: WHAT!!!!!!??!?!?!?

  26. ultama7

    go go Power Rangers >-<

  27. ultama7

    hell yea! lol

  28. Clockworks

    Oh my god….

  29. Sleepii


  30. Sleepii

    I would love to see the PvP on this x.x

  31. Drysnalg

    I just got more information about it and you cant do it anw <.< Its nda or something like that and you need permition. On another matter, do you know any good upcoming anime/manga games?

  32. C o f f e e W e e b

    Was it just me that was giggling all the way through the video?

  33. KaitouSP

    Zamgames needs phone verfication to register now..any help to register?

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