Onmyoji Arena MOBA Characters & Skins Short Gameplay

This is currently my favorite MOBA for the Mobile device~!
A short preview of the updated roster and some of the skins.
http://moba.163.com — 5v5 MOBA — CN Mobile — F2P — JP Voices

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  1. hahn

    0:28 is she just in computer yet its not in mobile

  2. Christian James Concon

    There's actually quite a lot for a new Mobile MOBA.

  3. Christian James Concon

    I love that wiggly physics! 😂

  4. neato

    Kinda sad that Maestro and Doujo didn't make it into the roster,,, but I'm really happy to see Kiyohime who is one of my favourites

  5. Ren

    Damnit I dont have that one after Yoto Hime?? Since I play in English server,, uGH WE GET THE LATE UPDATES

  6. Isnamereally thatimportant

    Reskined Mobile legends

  7. aurelien

    The characters models are as good as Overwatch characters for example in my opinion, so well done !

  8. ShadoWolf

    Onmyoji>Arena Of Valor
    Gorgeous Setting and Graphics, "Feel Good" Style and Smooth Gameplay.
    It is Crashing and its not in the Western Regions Yet but its totally THE moba game for mobile if they do things correctly.

  9. wingedprinceofrose

    I love these character designs!

  10. Bryan Hernandez

    Wow…too weab for my taste though…

  11. The Turokxz Channel

    I am in Latin America and it tells me that it is not available in my region FUCK MY LIFE >_< i like much the harpy 0:51 and the 2:24 T_T

  12. Blackpink isn't in my area

    Snake girl looks dope af

  13. Secretly Fudanshi

    Ototo soretemo watashi



    All girls has like the same outfit but with different designs


    2:02 *DOGE*!!!!!!

  16. Ronnie Taylor

    i need that hangan skin in the original game,,,,

  17. JinSheng Chin

    1:53 kaji-san?

  18. Abian Diaz

    When is this game in eu?

  19. 3llekc

    When i try to play it, it say it's not avaible in my country :c

  20. Elias Coulson

    there's at least 4 shibes in this video

  21. Endah Khoiriah

    The graphic is epic!

  22. Hmm Doh

    Yamausagi so cute XD

  23. ai i

    WOW! Such a feast for the eyes!! I know 2D illusions / cell shading is very popular now due to the recent feats of games like DBFZ and Honkai Impact. But dayum, the 3D renders here are so gorgeous! ✨😨 Like "Woahhh"!!

  24. shiro kuma

    que hermoso aahhh quiero juegar

  25. juan Gallegos

    I… I want this game to succeed, hopefully they put this on pc and make their own map instead of using LoL's

  26. @Skadi_Codm

    what buy characteres?

  27. ʟᴜᴄᴄɪᴇɴ ʟᴠ

    Characters reminds of “kagura and hanabi” from MLBB.. who else plays it??

  28. Saraswathy Perumal
  29. Erika Ma

    My guild: UK BTS?

  30. JK Charlz

    wat happen to kanko xD his way cuter than inugami now xD

  31. -

    Why are dark skinned people always forgotten e.e sometimes I wonder if kpop and bts and all even love us like alot of us love them ;C

  32. John Mark Bago-od


  33. Chickknight Greenleaf

    5:30 why is that damn wolf kept tempting me! I'm not a fury! I am not a fury! I AM NOT A FURY!!! AND I LOVE CAT NOT CANINE

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