Onmyoji Arena Legendary Skin Aoandon Short Gameplay & Emotes

Just a short preview of Aoandon’s legendary skin during the CBT.
Tapping on the character in certain spots trigger different emotes.
http://www.onmyojiarena.us/ — 5v5 MOBA — SEA — F2P — JP Voices

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Комментариев: 34
  1. Rem

    Another crap MOBA

  2. Marc Tee

    Hey Step! how do i change the language to english?

  3. H. Sabri

    As of March 30th, the SEA version's CBT had ended.

  4. Kelvin S

    What do you use to play mobile game in pc ??

  5. purextreme

    Great!😃 another cash grab moba 😒

  6. Trial Takagami

    I downloaded this but it doesn't work why?

  7. Issal Boa

    I've downloaded this. But the game wasnt work.

  8. Yoriyuki Megumi

    i found you step…but you on opposite team…You and one more Steparu idk what the name…btw nice game…and also on that game you got Penta Kill…haha

  9. Kemicaloid

    did they unlocked the pvp mode? when I tried it I was able to just fight bots

  10. Lingais

    This clone isnt going to come close to MLBB, AOV or even WarSong anytime soon. Dont waste ur time.

  11. ronald

    actually looks pretty fun to play .. might have to give it a go

  12. Lulsezc a.

    Anjenk lebih keren dri game taik em el 8bit wkakaa

  13. NoJam

    I wish the game was on pc T^T

  14. kenete zuzuki

    English English

  15. Mr. Gardevoir

    If you're somewhere around East Asian I think you can play this without VPN on CH server but playing on 275 ping is hard…. :

    Btw SEA CBT server is down so yea… waiting for them to open again.

  16. SUNNY Y

    your country is ?

  17. joshcka

    I'm going to move to this moba… ML is not good as it used to be…

  18. Piyuu Chan

    where can we download this? can this be downloaded in ios?

  19. Clayde Z.

    when it will release globaly?

  20. Robi'atul Adawiyah

    Wanna this in eng ver :(

  21. Anaís SD

    Cuanto pesa?

  22. Kiana Aizelle

    How to get Aoandon that skin?

  23. Kiana Aizelle

    How to Night Light Aoandon? Pls I need to know so bad

  24. My Forehead Your Future

    Why is this in my recomended

  25. 益E Girl

    I want to donload this game but..
    1GB Ram use OMG

  26. hebnuts_

    If you want to play this on pc, you can use an app called BlueStacks

  27. GalleryG

    So it’s basically lol buy onmyoji

  28. creme

    Ahhh how is your attack so high? Do you use any specific item build?

  29. babyMicah

    lose penta. ;)

  30. mc

    Im jealous that u play with team oriented gamers. Im always teamed up with those that leave u when ur tanking

  31. Lovely

    How much is this skin cost? i really like it :3

  32. Han Hoang

    What position did you play?

  33. Ming Li

    0:57 rip penta

  34. ac az

    Ahh i remember having this skin because of pre registration, but i forgot to bind that acc so its gone forever rip

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