Onmyoji Arena Global Version — Vampira & Higanbana Close-Up Animations — Mobile

I’m now playing in the North American servers of Onmyoji Arena.
Also did a short preview of the English Voices for both at the end.
http://www.onmyojiarena.us/ — Mobile — Global — JP/EN/CN Voice

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  1. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    I have to admit it looks so damn good, the aesthetic <3

    but nah, I aint got no time for mobile game, I will just wait for Code Vein or something

  2. Tora-Ky

    Oh look league of…ah no

  3. dumblablabla

    It's me. Cool!

  4. Данил farship

    Again mona , again from netease?!)

  5. Hung Le

    Ste always OP, need to be nerfed :3

  6. Hung Le

    Steee how do u get that sweetyyy hero i just start today. She is 12k gold 😁

  7. audiencefromspace

    I just hate how Vampira is classified as Tank but she doesn't have enough tankiness due to how awful her hp drain is. She even has trouble staying in front lines in a 1 vs 2 or 2 vs 2. She's more like an off-tank than main tank

  8. A2

    This game is awesome!

  9. A2

    What system are you using to play and capture footage? This looks so smooth

  10. Bryan Maniego

    This game deserves more attention. It's a shame that people only cares about mobile legends and refuse to even try other games.

  11. Fadlie Hidayat

    Wooww a beautiful tank 😣 so rare

  12. Eria ft Gede

    Its so laggy here😑

  13. Eria ft Gede

    Waiting for global release

  14. Ra Nui Sục

    Higanbanana best

  15. Raylage Gray

    I think, I faced you as enemy in one of my match, in eu server.
    Forgot who win tho.

  16. SnowflakeMelter

    Wait so the global server gets the Vampira rare skin for free as its standard/default skin?

  17. Not_Dead_Or_Not

    Arena of Valor in another style

  18. ccl 1995

    Trying this then looking at onmyoji it’s an upgrade leaps and bounds lol

  19. Arrowga

    You seem to be actively playing the game, just been playing 2 matches against you, gg's.
    Do you happen to stream Onmyoji Arena?

  20. Toastee

    Higan’s close-up is so flawless

  21. Toastee

    I wonder how their Evolved close-ups would look

  22. sebaek kill me with their bubble butt

    Higanbana my gurl 😍😘😘

  23. `Jm berrystraw

    People needs to leave MLBB for it's pay2win aspect. The more real money you have the more powerful your heroes are. You can buy skins with + stats or upgrade your boost runes for more advantage ingame .. and its sucks af. And this game onmyoji arena gives you balanced and no money grabber game with good graphics .. 10/10.

  24. Doddy Arisnawan

    Higanbana's passive HP regain is almost cheating 😂 no wonder she's the most banned mage

  25. Josh Capilitan

    vampire looks diff

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