Onmyoji Arena English Version Kyonshi Imoto & Hakuro Gameplay Mobile

I switched on over to the SEA version with English UI for now XD.
It helps me learn some of the items and skills for the characters!
http://www.onmyojiarena.tw/ — 5v5 MOBA — CBT TW/SEA — English UI

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  1. TomoDaniel

    how can i paly english version on my phone in europa
    ? is the CBT long enough so i can join ?=

  2. Nysun

    U have discord group?

  3. mike ANDREA


  4. Nurul Fikri

    Step, how to change to english UI because i already download it about 2 days ago and it still chinese UI. The skill desc is so confusing sometimes (with chinese).

  5. Jokey Boy


  6. Milf Hunter

    Disculpa la versión en inglés estará liberada o tendrá algún sistema de bloqueo de IP?

  7. Hung Le

    I love the way Steparu “Take Care” her newbie 🤣🤣

  8. VF0235

    Hory shet, the HP bar is an exact design copy from League of Legends

  9. н е н а в и с т ь

    looks pretty fluid. doesnt feel clunky at all?

  10. Battousay tasuki

    buenas y este juego no esta español amiga y como se crea una cuenta de este juego esta chino

  11. ra gl

    how do you download this and sign up?

  12. honeysana

    could you do a tutorial on how to download this game?

  13. Zeke Theta

    Waiting for mabinogi mobile

  14. Rama Hidayat

    cant wait to see onmyouji battle royale

  15. Yoriyuki Megumi

    I love to use Yoto Hime and Inugami more… Haha

  16. Hajkizz Gashami

    wait wait… 2:32 she got 2 pair of ear

  17. Nopla Hopla

    How u chsnge the language?

  18. Science Leponi

    looks cute, might give it a try for a bit. generally don't like mobas on phone as kids are bad at it :V So Step are you going to try out Abyss horizon when its out or if you get into the beta? KC/Al clone that uses KC Arcade combat seems nice, can't say much for the aesthetics undecided as of yet.

  19. l-l

    Steam version would be amazing ;-;

  20. 바이올렛

    Este jogo tem IP block?

  21. Vervamon

    is it android only?

  22. Witchy

    Quite cute, I usually don't watch your mobile videos but this was well worth the watch. Will you be uploading more in the future?

  23. Hyperion

    anyone got a mirror apk link for this? i wanna try x.x

  24. Diamond Hireyaki

    I have this game and have started playing recently. I have uploaded two videos since just to keep track of my improvements. Feel free to check then out. Probably could help out with the download stuff.

  25. SilenceTrinh

    Hi, I download this game today. I can’t get pass the part where you choose 1 character from the 4 characters option. Are you able to log into the game today? I download it from the China App Store IOS

  26. CanduGame

    someone tell me how to change the language

  27. Hey buddy listen

    Where is kyonshi ototo?

  28. Hey buddy listen

    Stop abusing the poor daruma 😢

  29. Yufinesse

    Anyone have a download for the SEA Apk?

  30. Wagner Voss

    Unfortunately I could not find this game on my google play. :(

  31. Rodrigo Ribeiro

    when will launch an NA server?

  32. Bill K

    How i get the english version

  33. zukaruki :3

    Quiero una versión en español :'v

  34. audiencefromspace

    A MOBA with true waifus. damn, must get

  35. ProCrit1c

    English beta looks pretty good, I was worried it wouldn’t have as much polish

  36. Của Nguyễn

    Cái này có thật không ta

  37. XDXDmikiXDXD〖Panda〗 〖HarD〗


  38. Quoc thinh Nguyen Tran

    how to change the langue ?

  39. MrKebil

    feels like dota

  40. All Might

    How to change the languages?

  41. เจเจ 555


  42. ZZ&S

    Plz come to NA

  43. ow yong

    i like her, very good hero, very good in 1 on1, not so good in team fight maybe because i dont build armor

  44. KimikoSAMA JD

    Disappointing that its a mobile game… This has so much potential to be LoL style :/

  45. Lyny la

    so op i love her xD

  46. Just Den

    Loli go bam , btw she's my main shikigami.

  47. Elias Coulson

    4:19 HELLO HANZO

  48. Serena C

    How do you unlock kyonshi imoto? She's not even listed in the shikigami list

  49. Lost Hope

    the hakuro skin in effect in the past is more good

  50. Laiba Dar

    Lol just downloaded this game after watching chinese drama on it, its available in english language right?

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