ODIN Valhalla Rising Rogue Assassin Gameplay and Outfits Preview PC Version

Rogue gameplay from the cross-platform PC and Mobile MMORPG ODIN: Valhalla Rising. Pure gameplay at the start from story bosses, field hunting, and dungeons. The second half of the video showcases the very detailed Gacha outfits of all grades. These outfits add a bunch of stats such as attack speed, attack, accuracy, and so on.

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Комментариев: 33
  1. Ricky K

    Wow! I can't wait! When does this movie come out?

  2. snowyeve

    just curious, are the textures the same as the mobile version?

  3. Xuepreme

    I mean it looks pretty

  4. Nico Machete


  5. nail inthefashion

    man… the trailer looked soooo hype ):

  6. hard mode

    l know its early gameplay and its not the final product but is not a good assassin , it should be faster and moree dinamic. Less pause between attacks would be great too

  7. Gaming Hardcore

    would have been nice but the game is playing on its own.

  8. vampywiz17

    Again… Autoplay and no normal PC UI….

    I not like the Manga style/gacha games, but Genshin Impact is move the phone/PC cross platform games to the next level… Why not follow it the other developer?!

  9. Crash Tagiyev

    7:45 skins with stat?

  10. ceesay2010

    autoplay no ty zzzzz

  11. Ingrid ken

    Two Daggers? ,Korean?, Reminds me of Solo Leveling

  12. Edmund Mondo

    And of course the common outfits look like shit and the most amazing ones are the most expensive 😑

  13. fasdfsdfgsd

    how is there desync in a single player game? game worlds gone to shit.

  14. PkSan

    After playing P:GR and Genshin this looks so stiff in comparison

  15. Bernardo Caetano

    looks like a mistake, an error

  16. Jugador Antiguo

    Target in 2021, next.

  17. Asad alya

    hi graphic low mechanic

  18. areagamer

    The graphics don't look bad, but I'm annoyed by the mobile device UI. Can't you change it on PC to a classic MMORPG UI where the quick bars are at the bottom of the screen?

  19. Infidel

    Too bad the combat sucks, amazing graphics though.

  20. Adventuro

    Recomendation for lineage 2 old school PC player esp H5 , player I love it f2p can trading for crystal and buying item shop ++ open at lvl 30 .! Im lvl 49 now … Love it ,


    — Final Fantasy XIV —

    — Play entire A Realm Reborn and Heavensward —

    — RAID & PvP, FREE with no restrictions on playtime —

  22. Richard M.

    I t looks like black dessert online but more of like a loser type BDO no dashes or combos

  23. 바보King

    as amazing as korean art direction is.. its always going to have SHITTY pw2 and dumb mechanics.. EVOLVE ALREADY, those armor designs look 10 billion times anything ugly ass New world has.. but new world game system is way better

  24. Mo Monerinos Mo Problemos

    Generic asf

  25. demasa

    Can't wait to play a mobile game on PC!

  26. Leshain

    Game play is really weird. It looks like it wants to be an action rpg but doesn't commit to it.

  27. l3abi

    doesn't feel or look like a pc mmo

  28. Zenith h

    Another one bites the dust

  29. Dr. A.I. Kryptanical

    They need to randomize the attacks more for the giant human boss… To predictable makes him look robotic!

  30. Sycogenesis

    so what im getting from this video is that Stepparu likes to be stepped on KEKW

  31. KAY DE

    Gotta admit assassin sure loves having her face covered up alright T.T

  32. Marlon Franco Sotelo Espinosa De Los Monteros

    When si the reléase date for NA?

  33. aikckok koikckia

    Whenever i see "Auto"
    My brain said "there is no gameplay with this thing, better use your money to watch the real movie"

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