ODIN: Valhalla Rising PC Gameplay Ultra Settings Starter Zone

A very long gameplay preview of the newly released MMORPG Odin Valhalla Rising for both the PC and Mobile devices. As you can see, it’s a chill auto-play management MMORPG so far. Cash shop and Gacha stuff are shown at the end of the video. The costumes shown add a bunch of insane stats similar to the NCsoft costume system from L2M and TricksterM.

https://odin.game.daum.net/ — PC & Mobile MMORPG — F2P — KR Release

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Комментариев: 47
  1. Jo pera


  2. League of Troll

    Odin : Thicc Rising ? come on stop this bullshit , make better gameplay , this is why MMORPG is dead for many many many many years , i Hope LostArk Become something atleast

  3. Dams Otaku

    So much work with stunning visuals and animation for a cash grab then ? Halala.
    I just felt bad when the starting area is a mass murder of low level poor sheeps, boars and bears, and Viking with huge castles, gigantic horses and other pets, but why not XD.

    Thanks for the video, it should at least deserve a try ^^

  4. Fiona Mae

    in mobile what is the best chipset to play this game?

  5. Tostador

    need vpn for play this game?

  6. Jinir

    jeez another mobile gacha waste

  7. TheTypicalPinoy

    How did you manage to download the pc client?

  8. Shenbalafaza

    Hola Steparu, un saludos desde Perú.

  9. Devaastatorr

    another shit game.

  10. Son Do

    Look like a cheap chinese mobile game with auto play lol

  11. Antonio6579

    Bruh, worse is climbing the angled terrain but is still straight.. zero attention to detail, yep it's a mobile game black desert rip off

  12. S B

    Yes finaly another mobile mmorpg where i cant see 40% of my screen while playing and have to spend 5000€, to have a chance playing in top guilds, thanks!

  13. Wilson Chen Sanchez

    gameplay pc or mobile ???

  14. R1CH4EL Düügh

    Looks Like BDO DLC


    I wish they combat system like black desert mobile

  16. Wrathgor

    Auto play is the weirdest thing in games. Disappointed with this game looked cool to me first. Seems like New World is my only way to go

  17. EvangelisUk

    Have you made or know of a guide to play this on pc? Made a Kaokao/Daum account and as soon as i signed in it said account suspended for multiple sign-ups from the same device.

  18. Nightshade_DX8.1

    So when is the US release?

  19. Troll Vader

    its not out for NA yet??

  20. Leon louie

    if this is what we get 2022 for mmos there's no hope left

  21. Captain Ultra

    Looks good but not promising… too bad

  22. Philipp Altthaler

    Black Desert DLC… yea this will change everything!

  23. Noah Baker

    I was really expecting something different when this game was announced. Then I was expecting different when the trailer dropped. Now seeing the gameplay I'm not expecting anything anymore, this just looks like BDO with autoplay. I'm tired of Korean MMOs lol.

  24. Ho Hau Liu

    not sure abt the game but, im definitely attracted to the thicc

  25. Woody Fruity

    12:09 casual ride with the soothing sound of goat slaughter

  26. Utan Utan

    man i really hate this types of games, they all look and feel the same, likea goddamn chore and everybody is just doing the same zombie shit

  27. Phumkriangchai Khuntep

    mobile style will have a short life

  28. PureEvil Windom

    when creating WoW clone always fail so you gotta clone something else.

  29. Wickednality

    I thought it's a pc game, but looks like average mobile game, eww

  30. Phleonie Tech Review

    RIP goats!!!

  31. V.

    Only playable korean game is lost ark tbh. Can't wait to drop my korean server progress to play it on the global server

  32. Anticide

    can you make a tutorial how to play this game on pc?


    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

  34. Dewa Eryadi

    ahhh korean game, all visual but empty, miss their glory days back in early 2000s

  35. Spilly Sock-Spock

    They released the trailer for this making it look like a game that was actually new and different. They hyped a fucking cheap ass mobile dragons dogma

  36. see vaa

    so many outfit, but the auto..
    well, let some try when this game come out in sea server

  37. Ei Estevam

    "auto button" = Auto drop

  38. Crownt John

    Black Desert Remastered: Balanced Brightness Graphics Version

  39. emerson hollon

    I wish this graphics same to black desert mobile

  40. God Slayer

    May i ask that what video card that u r using? the game runs extremely smooth

  41. Sasha Alex

    Is this another mmo where enemies drop quest items and nothing esle?
    What a waste of gameplay space.

  42. Astral

    Bruh, I only hear the goats.

  43. CuriousQuinlan

    A Viking game where the characters wear high heels and mini skirts, is it so hard to ask for a mmo game where the characters don't wear bikini armour?

  44. Alaa prime

    then it will be relesaed to the west with trash voice acting :D

  45. Nightmare Court Pictures

    White people speakin' Chinese? WUT IN TARNATION. America DONE GOT TAKEN OVER BY THE COMMIES!

  46. pin pin


  47. Halicos

    I just came across this what is this an Asian interpretation of the the viking age?

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