ODIN: Valhalla Rising PC BOSS and DUNGEON Gameplay 2K HD

ODIN: Valhalla Rising bosses as a Dark Wizard or Witch. The second half of the video showcases the story dungeon with NPCs and boss fight, there is a harder version of this dungeon that you play with other players.

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  1. Lowki


  2. alexfire33

    is action mmorp or with mouse?

  3. AnimeManiac4Life

    This game was such a disappointment, I was expecting so much from this & it's another auto-battle mobile game, from now on every time I see devs saying stuff like "can be played on PC also…" or "it's cross platform.." I will get that it's another trash mobile game & should be ignored.

  4. Ami Sakamoto

    ty for the gameplay step, sadly this game is already dead lol


    Auto attack?? bad idea, that mode is so bored really….

  6. Studio Razor Tattoo

    mobile game KEKW

  7. dsysny


  8. Canibuz

    seeing when you press the S button and your character turns so I feel bad " #badgame"

  9. BlackMamba 59

    Fuck The mobile game wtf is that !

  10. Anything 4 you

    All these Koreans games r same thing.. Boring as hell

  11. Anything 4 you

    Sometimes gameplay matters n not graphics.. Disappointed.. Waited 2 years for this

  12. Archer The Noob

    A game with no dodge system wow

  13. Astaroth

    Westerners are getting pretty tired of all these Auto play BDO clones from Asia. They’re literally all the same at this point. Sad because the original trailer for this made it seem like it was possibly going to change the MMO scene but in the end it’s just another “cross platform” trash game to avoid. The visuals are awesome at least…. As always tho, thank u for the upload Step :)

  14. Player One


    i guess im an old school who prefers to do things manually, there's no allocation of stats? hmm this is really a BDO with a diff skin.

    player skill, build and play style is already out of the question, what happened to this generation? everything is on auto.

    was so hyped for this and it looked like dragon's dogma that can interact eith enemies but it turned out to be a BDO/regular spamming skill game.

  15. Ded Gim


  16. Nicolas Neh

    it looks great, but the word "AUTO" already killed all my expectations

  17. Rizki Sulaiman

    its just a bdo reskin, bruh i was excited but now meh..

  18. Ekrem Eren Kara

    Sorry but sucks. What is that combat 😂😂😂


    just stay away from Korean games they will absorb your wallet


    9:25 why the boss do that ????

  21. Zenith h

    It looks absolutely stunning, the only thing keeping it from really rising is the auto :( another one bites the dust.

  22. llMitsull

    oof, i'll pass on this game. Thanks Steparu for the gameplays as always.

  23. Mikagami Tokiya

    hello steparu, where to get a working account for daum that can play odin?

  24. Jeremy Romero

    Totally gonna play this one. Don't mind the auto function, I need it. I have other things to do than facing in front of my phone or pc all day to play.

  25. Gamer JayZ

    Man the gameplay looks so BORING!!!!

  26. KAY DE

    Lionhearted Studio:…………….everything’s looking good so far sips coffee oh hello peeps I’m just checking in on these videos of my game to see how well it’s been doing now that I’m done here I’m going to resume working on the game. T.T

  27. Kurabiye Canavarı

    auto combat?

  28. Csander

    Great graphics, bad gameplay. Didn”t expect this, but yeah, after they”ve announced it for mobiles also, was kinda obvious. :)

  29. Myu Dao

    I would love to see médusa body when she dies x)

  30. Ryan Wong

    Korean mmo…… Only good at punching sound and big boobs mini skirt underwear graphic. Just go play Guild War 2, FF14, Elder scroll Online.

  31. PvEKing

    Can't move and shot in 2021??? Really?!

  32. Oguz BEY

    which client ? bluestacks or ?

  33. Green Mosaic

    At 7:04 the gameplay actually look better if you look at it from above, I think it's called 2.5D camera or something. Do the game have settin g camera preset like that?

  34. DeBuDDi

    good game, no global version?

  35. attakforce93

    The MMOs are going backwards instead of going forward ahahah.
    I still think that the best combat system born between 2009-2013 with DN,Tera,B&S and C9/Black desert.
    Anything else is a Ctrl+c/v of the same crap.

    I hope that as for MOBAs Riot has changed the world perspective, it will do the same for the MMOs.
    At NOTHING is interesting especially if you are 25+yo.

    I am sure Steparu ,you are missing the good old memories in Dragon nest too.:)

  36. EvangelisUk

    Love how they dodge the aoe but it locks onto them anyway — thats how bad the ping was? D: Cant wait for this game, people slate auto functions in games but its still totally fun and you wont be able to auto pvp where it actually matters anyway ( most likely ).

  37. Toan Nguyen

    This is PC? The UI looks like it's for mobile.

  38. l3abi

    this is the combat system i assume for b&s 2

  39. AmaniiFitness



    Basically on mobile is pc low graphics

  41. Random Grey Alien


    this is why i hate humans

  42. Wolf

    que decepcion esperaba mas de este game con solo ver el estilo de combate F

  43. EirArt

    It looked so good, a shame about the auto stuff.

  44. Vibe-connoisseur

    I was looking forward to this game for so long….it just had to be auto..

  45. raxzar

    I dunno looks like the 452 trash bdo clone.


    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

  47. rus

    I mean i'd be okay with the whole auto fight bullshit, but atleast don't lock us into place when casting skills or doing normal attacks, it'll make it more fluid if we can move while attacking

  48. HWL

    damn this game looks awesome, but I was sad to see no abilities…………. W T F ? please fix…….

  49. Dr. A.I. Kryptanical

    That battle against the snake makes no sense rather than attack my own body to clear the humans i'd just shake them off, make the surface their standing on go vertical… and why would it just sit there to let it's eye be attacked!

  50. Grail Knight

    ah yes… all men look white European and all women look like 14 year old Asian girls… another shite game.

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