ODIN: Valhalla Rising Character Customization HD PC Version 2K

Odin Valhalla Rising Playable Characters and Customization preview on the PC Version. I also added a short gameplay clip at the start for those wondering what’s in store in the next video.

https://odin.game.daum.net/ — PC & Mobile MMORPG — F2P — KR Release

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  1. Jinto117

    Koreans get their character models spectacularly, it’s just a shame their gameplay and monetization are always shit.

  2. Teacups

    I would be surprised if they dont get sued by Nexon like they basically stole every feature from L2M lol

  3. M Mark

    best 'gameplay'!

  4. Captain Oppai

    needs bigger knockers
    but still looks pretty decent for the mmo world

  5. Nanbopally

    We've payed BDO already.

  6. Nanbopally

    What can't America hire these Koreans or just start copying. Why are we stuck with cartoon trash cans? *looks around at American culture * oh…. I see. Liberal cool aid drinkers. You could have had nice things. Missed that revolution by a mile.

  7. The Truth

    This looks great.


    New Vindictus?))

  9. senpapi -

    What is this mobile trash :(

  10. Israel Macias

    3 female classes and only 1 male

  11. 4n ch0

    art director is kim beom of vindictus

  12. Lamented Bliss64

    Lol wtf this is literally weeb softcore porn I can't take this game serious

  13. Seungsation


  14. sleepines

    the girl with a staff looked interesting, the skill that had the big magical tree O.O coooollll

  15. Rafa Rodríguez

    Black desert beta mod
    Now with more clouds and gender lock

  16. Ben DeGorro

    If you want to torture/blackmail a south korean, put them on a room & force them to play Dragon Age 3 — character creation only. They will confess/sign anything.

  17. Senichiro

    looks like a boring mobile game tbh :/

  18. Eclaires Rhapsodos

    lol youtube think its BDO, why this feature is so broken almost always, I dont even remember last time when YT generate properly what game is in video….

  19. Mooncalf

    Black Desert 2.0

  20. Henry Chau

    Looks more like a Mobile than a PC game tho :/ , I thought it was going to be something like Black Desert Online but with better graphics

  21. Shtola

    I was wondering why the character look so thick now i know

  22. Antmoon

    'AUTO' game RIP

  23. Edmund Mondo

    1:06 OMG!! Look at those juicy thighs!! 😍 This is the best character ever made!! 😘

  24. Gojō Satoru 高価な目

    I think the auto feature in a Mobile game is a killer for me.. Is just meh.

  25. Shiba

    The character look so great too bad it's mobile game :/

  26. Sycogenesis

    love to play but playing KR games outside of KR is like dental surgery

  27. phoenixbluex

    8:56 Geralt

  28. leaposte17

    The saddest thing is that it is likely to end up like V4 being a game with a strong autoplay and full of bots.

  29. Aria E.

    I dunno, looks too generic for me…

  30. Elfaran Elasul

    looks like a mobile game

  31. Jon Kator

    Why you can't go 4k but only 2k? 2k is not a resolution.

  32. łukasz kozłowski

    When in eu/na???

  33. ShahzDane

    Oh i never knew the norse mythology had k-pop girls 💁🏻‍♂️

  34. Barbarian Remover

    Another generic fully auto quest Korean mmorpg that set in Norse mythology but filled Kpop girl

  35. Infi Nata

    dis game look gooood

  36. XD XD

    cross platform? is the melee combat good? pay to win? BDO clone? grind fest?

  37. XD XD

    KR MMOs are one of the best in terms of character design and combat, too bad it's so grindy as f***, pay to win and super repetitive like srsly they are wasting such potential.

  38. Xavier Lucky

    Its so strange to make a nordic game but go out your way to make em look asian.

  39. Zerker

    Can I make Kim Jong-un in it?

  40. TheTempestLive

    The game is pretty but its been out for over a month now and I can't find any new gameplay. I'm confused. Is it western as well?

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