Octopath Traveler Mobile Helminia Story and Final Boss Battle Gameplay

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent Gameplay featuring the last chapter of the Helminia story arc. I like the story so far, there are different chapters and arcs. The exploring, crafting, buying items, and skill board system is exactly like Another Eden.

00:00 Intro
00:04 Helminia No Mercy
01:19 Helminia and Butler Battle
03:32 This isn’t my FINAL FORM
06:33 Helminia Boss Battle
14:51 Defeated Helminia
16:32 Ending

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Комментариев: 36
  1. ZDoubleM9

    Love this

  2. Jöhan Ezra

    Is this coming to west?

  3. Franko Scarlet

    Its Paid?

  4. ZanderBander

    Is this free?

  5. Fox Faeez

    I have mixed feelings since this is a gacha.

  6. General Rameivis

    Guys u can find the game in the QooApp :D

  7. strato

    bit of an unrelated note to octopath but I used to watch and marvel at all of steparu's vids back when bdo and lost ark and a lot of eastern mmos were hyped and years from a western launch. knew I could never run any of them since I'd been using a toaster laptop for years but I'm just about to build a pc in a few weeks and I'll finally be able to run games I could only watch gameplay of before :) cheers steparu, dunno how you are but hope you're doing well

  8. Tridanite Inazuma

    This game went/is mobile? Console version is amazing. But I wouldn't pull gacha for any game.

  9. Kei Esper

    Steparu will you check Magatsu Wahreit out?

  10. CaoLongLC HD

    Do you play pc original verson?

  11. Wisdomshark

    Is English text available?

  12. Pixel Wanderer

    I've been playing this and so far this game is fantastic.
    the graphics and music are beautiful as you can see in this video and the main three stories are great and darker than I expected.
    I think It's like a quality console game, not generic mobile trash.
    I hope it'll be released worldwide because I'm sure it deserves it

  13. Sena

    yikes…. they should have stayed b2p. I hate how they took advantage of their success and turned this into another gacha game, yeah its more money but sigh… wont be playing this

  14. Noblesse Oblige

    Was waiting for the epic music buildup to the bossfight like in the original, but this one didn't really do it for me. Hope the other bossfights will.

  15. セカCeca

    This is surprisingly similar to the original even if is a gacha game they did pretty well I say .

  16. Pondering

    That fog line was killing me!

  17. Ryou Misaki

    Are you using an emulator or your phone?

  18. Jack Chen

    Steparu always coming through the the cool new stuff! I love the new seeking feature!

  19. Javier Millan

    I'll still be waiting for the second main game, if ever that will be a really thing.

  20. Javier Millan

    How would should one play this?

  21. Heisicx

    Great vid! Am I the only one playing with English?

  22. hyuubes

    I can't understand the story yet, i hope an english version launches, but the music is fucking hype

  23. Christian Chevalier aka miiworld2

    Can you somehow tell us about the story arcs? I'd appreciate it.

  24. iqbal febri

    To play octopath the first thing to do is save up your boost and looking for enemy weakness, while do this you can debuff first then buff party before neaely going to break, then go straight to break the enemy, then full boost attack.

    I got a little bit stress watching this playthrough hehe, but yeahh the game is awesome, can't wait to play this!

  25. Blaze Menace

    How do I play this, and is there English?

  26. Heisicx

    For those who want to know the story…

    Helminia is a drug lord and a small group from the town she has monopolized want to get the town back to how it was so they confront her. The main character is just a good willed Samaritan helping them out in their problems. Even though the group want Helminia out, it’s the player that does all the fighting.

  27. Red dlL

    The game looks really good and I don't mind the gacha system. I guess the game has enough free characters to be able to play this game quite well.
    What I don't like is the party size. 8 characters in a party seem a lot to me.

    I'll probably download the game when it gets released globaly but right now the party is too big for my likings.

  28. Davi Monteiro

    Queria ele pra computador, sendo um jogo mobile, não vai ter como traduzir pra português, igual os brasileiros fizeram :(

  29. erikowan

    Just finished the latest wealth chapter. There's a twist with the plot. This guy tattiano could be the villain/ puppetmaster of all these.

  30. Silent Rocco

    Squeenix destroying another IP on mobile. Why can‘t they just release a real game instead of this gacha grap?! The devices are capable, and there are enough fans waiting for real deals.

  31. Davi Monteiro

    can you tell if they are going to release a PC version?

  32. Bryan Garcia

    8 active party members, finally. it adds to much versatility :)

  33. killeing

    I didn't even know they made an octopath traveler sequel/spinoff O_o!!! Is there more going to be added in the future or is this "ending" like the final update to the game?

  34. Joel Burg

    The japanese voicing is superb, in this game and the original one. I tried to give the English voicing a chance and i just couldn’t. It felt lifeless and emotionless.

  35. Alex MaGanda

    why does it has to be gatcha though smh….i just want a new octopath traveler on console

  36. Diazki 41

    Cant wait this game release on global

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