Nonhuman Academy Anime MOBA Characters — Loli Ninja Jungle Carry Gameplay — Mobile

A quick preview of the funky looking characters of this new game.
The Android version just came out, so I thought to give it a quick try. — MOBA — OBT — Android / iOS — Mobile

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Комментариев: 40
  1. blue soldier 25

    this game look like persona 5

  2. fil patrik

    Why do they speak Japanese when all I see are Chinese characters? Or is that Kanji? Am confused

  3. notYue

    When will this have a global release??

  4. Tim Lowry

    anymore update on this? any way we can download it as I don't see it instore. I'm happy to play it in chinese even, i mean most controls for mobas are the same right?

  5. Menace Δ

    Waiting for international release

  6. 狸qwq

    Why you have such good ping ?

  7. Z

    Turkey plsss

  8. Akurei Takagi

    A little late but how do you get past the 2nd download page with the clock loading symbol? It appears to be some kind of download but it wont download at all. I tried it with/without a vpn…

  9. Chardo

    this is the first MOBA I see that actually has a great aesthetic style that makes it look unique and not like a carbon copy of dota/LoL/etc

  10. Prinny Jinn

    5:50 Saitama + krillin lol

  11. Janet Ardiente
  12. Howard Patdu

    how to change the language?

  13. Md Nashrul Ikhwan

    nice game & jp voice oh yes

  14. Snow Spell

    Now this I would play!

  15. Azhril Fahri
  16. Jadon

    How to make this pay to win? Onepunch man dlc

  17. ODAFIQ *k*

    5:06 deku voice actor
    6:10 bakugo voice actor

  18. Solo Gaming

    does anybody knows on how to change language to english?

  19. Ahmad Fandi Andika Tama 4F 2
  20. Eula
  21. p0tat0_sensei

    5:55 saitama!

  22. Mireia Martí

    U can download in QooApp if you search Extraordinary Ones ^^

  23. Steven T.

    anyone know how to unlock all might, deku and bakugo?

  24. Enggal Pangestu

    this game needs an update but i cannot update it as its not available in my region of play store. how do i fix this?

  25. i go by lots of names

    Loli ninja?
    FBI want to know your location

  26. Switchback Channel

    The police skin at 7:26 for the character at 4:46 looks so much better than the original in my opinion. Has a much stronger theme going on with the police outfit (since there's already a lightning character just before this one) and the bright yellow "Police Line Do Not Cross" tape as her scarf is such a simple but brilliant idea. Wish that was the default look and theme for her.

    But other than that, the designs are pretty cool and I'm surprised how great the voice actors fit each character! They cast them pretty well.

  27. LeBlanc

    I think the English release of this game is coming soon, let's play LxS(Light x Shadow) similar to this game but it's only 800mb

  28. Crimson X

    I couldn't wait anymore so I download the game even though I can't understand it

  29. Ronito 'El Destructor Milagroso'

    A gatcha MOBA, cool.

  30. Kaique

    It must have a Global Version.

  31. Blast Gladium

    What emulator are you using stepu?


    Gusion's little sis 😂😂😂😂

  33. Yoshio Kiyoki

    This shit would've been better if it was funded and put into PC rather than android phones. I mean they're literally just picking a fight with Mobile Legends and it might not get that far Considering ML's success.

  34. Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    I love the police skin… Rem looks like the twins from P5

  35. coyo4 simpson

    i can't fine download extraordinary one mobile server Eu sad :L

  36. ẞæç4ēd Flæmëß

    I like the cop dude

  37. Dead Shot

    Это че игра?

  38. Hauntress JSJB

    This title is amazing

  39. Ace Gin

    global update will need to be released.

  40. Gojo Satoru

    Hey, game developer, why didn't you turn this into an anime. Look at this shit, it's a masterpiece
    I'm talking about the animation and the AMV

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