Nightmare Breaker Party Gameplay Awakened Gray Level 41-68

Nightmare Breaker Gameplay featuring the Awakened Demon Gray grinding through Level 41-68. As I progress levels, I’m slowly replacing all of my old skills with brand new skill sets. There is a stamina system so I can’t go on and rush to level 150+ right away.

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  1. Gration

    On this episode of totally not DnF lol:

  2. Tabofren

    Was enjoying the game until my account got locked because my identification number is fake lol

    Guess I gotta figure that one out

  3. ivan ruiz

    This game is for PC?

  4. hiddenbruh

    This looks like a moba but the mention of that stamina system is a big yikes

  5. photaiplz

    Is that DFO grappler? In the thumbnail lol

  6. Pedro Ivo

    Perfect, espero q venha para o mercado global. A primeira versão era muito crua, agora sim ta mais bonito e divertido de jogar.

  7. Mohammed Al Halaq

    Hey Steparu, is there any english patch we can use?

  8. Locke

    How is the gameplay comparing with HeroWarz?

    Movement seems a lot slower, and the maps seem a lot more constrained.

  9. The Truth

    I swear if this didn’t look like a mobile, I’d be into it. I just can’t get behind it. It looks like one of those fake advertisements that’s constantly on Facebook, knowing the gameplay is that at all lol.

  10. clolton

    that thumbnail art looked a lot like dungeon fighter online? :O

  11. Kirill

    Rusty Hearts Reincatation?

  12. Violent

    Let Me In!!!! Let Me IN!!!!

  13. Wacho

    I do not understand this MXM world of Ncsoft was more beautiful than this and that genshin impact, even so they let the servers die, maybe it lacked publicity, I don't know, but people ruin a lot of games if they are not in fashion or they spam everywhere . Even blizzard copies are more popular and much uglier.

  14. Pesmerga

    is there a way to change the control scheme? it would be great to just "attack the way the character is facing" but you attack in the direction the CURSOR (mouse pointer) is facing, it's jarring for me

  15. Grimo play Wakfu MMORPG tactical PC


  16. Roguelike

    Isn't it "HeroWarz Resurrection"? ㅋㅋ

  17. Virgin Wizard

    UNDECEMBER 언디셈버 cbt singe up :) :

  18. NhOk RiZ

    damn I miss the old herowarz

  19. Rafael Teles

    I remember when step covered the BnS launch. It was superb. Nowadays all I see are the same re-hashed low effort generic crap launch after launch. It's sad :(

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