Nightmare Breaker Open Beta Characters Preview and Starting Gameplay

Nightmare Breaker is finally open to the public~! A preview of all the advanced jobs for each character, everything is timestamped including normal gameplay at the end. This is supposedly the HeroWarz Remake gameplay of the previous version. Temporarily shutting down never forget.

Nightmare Breaker Website and Download — F2P MMORPG — Lobby/Instanced

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00:00 Nightmare Breaker
00:04 Playable Characters
00:13 James Basic and Advanced Jobs
03:59 Nichole Basic and Advanced Jobs
08:10 Vigor Basic and Advanced Jobs
11:58 Vigor Basic and Advanced Jobs
15:52 Vigor Basic and Advanced Jobs
20:36 Town Lobby Skill and World Map
21:37 Vigor Basic Job Solo Gameplay

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  1. l-l

    OMG, i was literally taking about hero warz today and how i missed it! TY UNIVERSEEEE

  2. Shokudaikiri Mitsutada 侍

    I miss HeroWarz. :(

  3. Gentiane

    Here's hoping for an english release.

  4. Bora Baturalp

    how can we register?

  5. Ty Khuth

    I miss this game and this remake looks so nice. I’ll find a way to play this even if it doesn’t get a global release.

  6. The Truth

    What in the heck is this lol. A mobile game? Man this one don’t look too good to me.

  7. another

    as always stepp always show us some quality gameplays

  8. Thehell88

    FX, FX everywhere…

  9. Re:KAMI Music

    The slow animations are normal? Haha

  10. CaoMaldito

    looks better than lost ark

  11. xRagingxDemonx

    What is this??

  12. Pesmerga

    god yes

  13. Dante Tran

    Fcking Lost Ark rip off

  14. Kitana

    I remember this game I thought they’d never bring it back. Can people in the west try it tho?

  15. Yang Shane

    James 2° job: I'm the storm that is aproooochingg

  16. Yang Shane

    both meele fighters and the 1° job of the guy with the book looks fucking amazing… hope it gets a na version…

  17. hohoemikuma

    Bring back Jerry (baseball/sports character)!!!

  18. Bony


  19. Xuepreme

    damn steparuu thicc double c.

  20. Hunter

    The class trailers are pretty good, but the game is clearly made for mobile, u can even see the internet connection bottom left, they will clearly cross platform it soon. Too bad cuz the game looked way better before being reworked when it was called HeroWarz.

  21. l-l

    Trying to download but only a message of error with a bunch of interrogations appear

  22. Slammerbit

    Steparu!! No ones talking about Dfo, Dnf this its predecessors?

  23. nikku ku

    Slow lost ark wanna be with poe ;)

  24. gluee

    Never heard of HeroWarz, now I have, and now I want to play this ASAP!!!

  25. light18pl

    At first I was like… I would probably play the book guy, looks cool. Then I saw that girl riding on a motorcycle while being followed by an artillery strike. Well, I guess I wouldn't play the book guy after all.

  26. Tabofren

    Man I got the client and all, but idk I how to download the game. Made an account too, VPN doesn't seem to help though.

  27. Hayashi Shirou

    the art looks like Korean Manhwa but voice is Chinese o.O"

  28. Papam-k-z

    im playing this game stuck on tutorial how to jump ?

  29. nekoangelgirl123

    Had to read the comments xD! I thought I remembered this game, especially when I saw the blue girl. The hype was real for all the creative characters they came up with. This upgrade looks epic.

  30. Adem Çiçek

    any english patch ? like lostark etc…

  31. Tz Blank

    how can I make an account to play the game?

  32. Etniuh

    damn this game looks pretty good, reminds me kritika a lil bit i will try this for sure

  33. Nhut Minh

    is kog still the one making this ?

  34. Hung Le

    Lost Ark mini or … :v

  35. ochibi131

    hey step you know any other way to register? it just wont send me the code to my mobile to register :(

  36. Reyleigh Trinidad

    when is the release of global

  37. Canal do Hollow

    Its just create account and play? I cant finde the option to register :(

  38. Xephy Lon

    James: I A M T H E S T O R M T H A T I S A P P R O A C H I N G

  39. Bearies

    i want the old game back

  40. Pedro Ivo

    Global data?

  41. YoraiDragon


  42. Roukyou

    how do i sign up if it wont let me use my phone number

  43. eerie

    Is there only a server in China right now? No Korean server? I'm a little confused on whos in charge of development at this point since HeroWarz started from a Korean studio? I'm guessing a Chinese company acquired the rights and assets and remade it into this? I've seen a few mmos that stayed in China only due to this reason and I think it will determine whether or not we get a global release.

  44. Husky PLAY

    nem acredito que ele voltou ave maria meu deusssssssssssss

  45. Johny No Way

    what did they do to B?
    He is way too handsome..

    i thought he was ment to look like a drug addict deprived of sleep
    (which he kinda is in a way lol)

    For those who dont know: James Reese is B's real name.

    And those who know his og look…yeah he was built like a twig with blood powers that can kill him hence why he always looks tired and in pain.

    This new guy looks like Ryu from KoF with swords which…idk is slightly upsetting lol.

    And yes he was my favourite character in Herowarz so its a bit weird seeing him healthy in the remake lol

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