Nightmare Breaker CBT Mary Pre Job Advancement Skills

I’m going to job change her soon, she gets new skills and combos!
I’ll also try to get in some gameplay of Audrey and Princess Ara later. — PC — Limited CBT — Action MMORPG

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  1. Ken Chan Music


  2. ok2094

    Is this a rerelease of herowarz?

  3. Mors

    look like a chinese lost ark ripoff :^)

  4. q a

    Looks terrible in all honesty.

  5. Pyzron

    What herowarz reborn or something?

  6. Bee Zee

    Can you play this game with WASD movement like the old herowarz? curious

  7. Senzuri

    lost ark +mxm

  8. Treeboiy

    I wanna play i wanna play

  9. Nuke Destro

    Is there is any way to play this game?????

  10. AvenMai

    There seems to be many improvements over the original game, its really a shame that its in chinese.

  11. Kathule

    This class looks like it plays identical to Female Grappler from DFO, like every ability is from that game.
    Hah, watching further this really is just a mix of F. Fighter from DFO.

  12. Floyd Dominique

    the movement animation so smooth

  13. 阿隆RYU

    i tried to play this game but require a CBT key ..

  14. Canal do Hollow

    Waiting for the another CBT for trying to play this game…
    I miss you Herowarz! <3

  15. hohoemikuma

    i remember when Herowarz had their own booth at Anime Expo 2016 (i believe?) They were right next to Grand Chase. Shame that it went offline only a year later :/ I think I got an exclusive thing for Ara at the time

  16. julian12465

    3d Rusty Hearts?

  17. julian12465

    Step, this is the third vid that pops up if I search “herowarz mary” lol. Could this be a spiritual successor?

  18. eyonex

    Is this not dfo 3D? Not that im complaining

  19. Erkan Purcu

    I want Account for This game!

  20. sune chan

    remind me to monk from steal fighter

  21. AvenMai

    Yo Steparu, did you go through Fable Town area? I really loved it in the original, so i would love to seee how its changed

  22. Hakuna Matata

    I always find interesting stuff in your channel, thanks you!! 👍😍👍 Btw happy 2019!! 😘

  23. maroInn85

    I wan to see princess ara skill and gameplay T.T

  24. Mani

    THE NEW HEROWARZ LOOKS GREAT Oh my god I knew I recognized some of those characters

  25. voxane

    Guys, is this basically a top down version of a game like Soul Worker or Closers?

  26. Robonator

    Do some maps still have small hordes of enemies? Because i loved just bursting into them in the original. The satisfying combat was the only reason i loved to play it.

  27. KawaiiDestro

    So…game dead?

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