Nightmare Breaker CBT Mary and Ara Gameplay 2nd Tier Job

Freshly job changed these two characters, multiplayer Netcode lags.
I also have some Audrey gameplay and more high-level Mary videos. — PC — Chinese CBT — Action MMORPG

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Комментариев: 23
  1. Lil PorkChop

    :o its back?

  2. 鬼Gozu

    :P thicc boi gets abused

  3. Jay .Drops

    bring Jerry back 😭

  4. Case Died Well

    Your combos flow a lot better now than before; is that from opening up new skills or just time with the toon?
    I LOVE this sort of game, just wish we got more of them (from GOOD publishers) in the west…

  5. Rusty

    I need more, Step. I don't think you understand… I'm like a druggy that hasn't gone to AA in awhile. I need my fix of the new Herowarz. T_T

  6. Pesmerga

    how to download this game arghhhhh

  7. nelwyn angeles

    is this mobile or pc? sorry for an idiot question 😂

  8. Boro Veneto

    pls add some Audrey vid!!!

  9. any

    Isnt those are the skill from f.fighter in dungeon fighter online.. but in 3D. its plagiarism to the max. Lol

  10. Bs Kata

    Nice nice nice nice ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  11. hovsep56

    its shame they removed the old mission clear ost

  12. Angry Gamer Girl


  13. Uncle Death

    They made marry so much better an they fix her combos . Shit they even fix how marry can grab bosses an do air grabs nice, Because on global that was marry big prob an I cant wait to see what they do with izanami and jerry and hades

  14. Tabofren

    The game lacks a certain baseball player

  15. Daniel s1mple

    Excelent game!! Please play more time!!Ty

  16. Uncle Death

    Oh an step is the outfit system still a thing in this game when you put on a piece and it change how one of your skills works

  17. MadLane

    i want this on Europe, i want this on steam , i want to play this >.<

  18. pastuh

    Registered i hope i will get key :X
    Also: 06:21 looks strange

  19. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    This game looks insanely fun. But i am guessing it will be also insanely pay2win.

  20. MrZer0gravity

    Yoo wait a minute, isn't this HeroWarz?

  21. SSSekhmet

    jackdaw wya

  22. Jazeon

    is there a english already?

  23. seph

    Can i has my Mary back please?

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