Nightmare Breaker CBT Character Preview and Mary Starting Gameplay HeroWarz Reborn?

HeroWarz Night Breaker CBT Playable Characters and Mary Preview!
I finally got my hands on this game today, only a few days left of beta. — PC — CBT / Alpha — Action MMORPG

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  1. dean morello

    any idea if there will be more classes coming? long with is there pvp?

  2. Jose Fabricio Pereira Eler

    Dungeon Topdown Fighters Online? Looks good. Hope to play it someday.

  3. Mayberry_

    excuse me, how to get activation code ?

  4. Incubus


  5. maroInn85

    This is ia herowarz or nightmare breaker ? But i glad a new version of herowarz cos they din give up herowarz … hope a better gameplay in this new one …

  6. ION

    i miss the old herowarz,,,,but i guess i like this???

  7. icewyrm

    I quite liked Mary as a character in the last version, though she seemed felt kinda under-powered in most situations. Can't say I much liked the way gear progression was tied to mission cards and how the drop rate for those card items was linked to the subscription. Basically gated you from proper gear unless you wanted to fork out.

  8. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    Nice game but will it be able to counter lost ark? also it seems like the game could be release on pc and mobile and console. they could easily go for multi platform release.

  9. Vovun

    Wow, Diablo Immortal actually looks pretty cool guys!

  10. purextreme

    To linear and more of the same clone type of game that will get tiring really fast PASS!

  11. Okami Hank13

    why couldn't they do a fighters club online remake?

  12. Uncle Death

    damn they made marry look 10x better an she THICC I cant wait to see Jerry

  13. Uncle Death

    Im also shock that herowarz didnt come back as a mobile cash grab game

  14. Nuke Destro

    i wanna a small guide to play the game please

  15. fatjoe460

    Was sad that the global version of Herowarz closed down. Game was handle so poorly but still was able to squeeze a lot of enjoyment out of it still. Would of personally loved if we just got the Korean version with english translation. Instead they butchered the gameplay and made other bizarre design choice. Might give this a try if translated but will definitely be avoiding any founder packs.

  16. Ozim

    Fantasy Setting after intro was stunning!(in bad way)
    Game looks as usual greendpool~
    Combos/battle tricks/grabs — a drop of innovation in a sea of ​​mediocrity

  17. seph



  18. Germality

    ooh this looks pretty cool

  19. Julian Luigi Nocamasi

    what??? this is like fighter grapper!! omg DUNGEON FIGHTER ONLINE? where can i start playing links please?!?!

  20. Rain BB

    Heroes Wars is a game created in Korea.

    So why is it turned into a Chinese game?

  21. Daniel s1mpl3

    very good game! Could you explain how I register to play? Thank you!

  22. Alperen Güner

    Old version was more unique. This looks like more Master x Master

  23. Machine129

    A-Storm sold it? or just china fake?

  24. Tea Tsuneko

    Where are all the other characters?

  25. Paul Ortner

    Hey could someone answer some of my questions?
    1. Is this a mobile game? Would love to play it on my smartphone.
    2. When does this game come out ? I live in Europe.

  26. Karma

    thank god it looks revamped renewed the old version was so easy and incomplete felt like i ran through hard dungeons in 2 seconds

  27. Probliterator

    Hot damn, i was so sad when herowarz shut down, this is amazing. Looks like they fixed Mary's bugginess. I'm excited to see more.

  28. Vensaval

    The real question is: Can you ride on your friends' shoulders like you could in Herowarz?

  29. IruzHalsted

    So, the game was so broken that they did a new one? at least is not a stupid mobile game, but we wont see it in the west til 2020(if we ever see it on the west)

  30. DiaCrusher

    Is there korean voices option?

  31. Usaf Raja

    This will prob come to the west before lost ark 🤣😅! Looks quite good but the blood splatter after killing furry animals is quite mental hahaha. I dunno why but when I tried lost ark, I felt like they moved quite slow. Sounds stupid but it's one of the reasons why I left and couldn't stick with FF15…

  32. Certain friend

    Seems like the game will compete against LostArk right?

    Tbh Im actually liking this game more and btw awesome vid Steparu XD.

  33. maroInn85

    how can i enter this cbt ?

  34. To Shortcut

    Quan Zhi Gao Shou

  35. Hunter

    Another retarded game with 1 male to 20 females ratio, can't wait for this to fail again :)

  36. Jianto

    I missed herowarz

  37. Pop K

    please come in english! :< i wasn't able to play the original herowarz so i hope i get to play this one. it looks so good!

  38. KwP Cashu


  39. Ricky T.

    I do prefer the older art style/design of the characters. Otherwise game looks great.

  40. cody may

    was like this makes me sad herowarz got can'd wait this is herowarz!

  41. multivitamized

    Hey! Is there anymore news about this game?

  42. Mar Sot

    when for america?

  43. KrayZ Dang

    i paid for early access, HeroWarz, then 1 month later the game closed (temporary shut down), and no news from then.

  44. Kurashimiru

    Where I can play it

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