Nightmare Breaker CBT Audrey Solo and Multiplayer Gameplay Pre-Job Change

A first look gameplay preview of Audrey the Hitman or Hitwoman? :v
I’ll post her job change skills later, I didn’t get to lvl her to 70+ like Mary. — PC — Chinese CBT — Action MMORPG

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Комментариев: 31
  1. DansFightClub

    Hi steparu👋🏾

  2. Kyanpufa Lolifox

    I love shooter or hunter jobs in mmo games.

  3. Meesk

    hello senpai 8)

  4. Canal do Hollow

    Audrey <3

  5. Michael Weilandt

    Looks so fun!

  6. 鬼Gozu


  7. Kei Esper

    Have you reviewed this? looks fun.

  8. ✪Marshmallow/Aivur✪

    A release?

  9. Bash

    Chinese Master X Master ? ( rip btw)

  10. AvenMai

    I love Audrey ^_^

  11. AvenMai

    The new mirror world has a lot more space.
     And also, thank you so much for showing fable town!

  12. Ef Five

    In that art is that a shopping bag? Lol diva with guns

  13. Nuke Destro

    There's no use to put the link if there is no one could play the game 😒

  14. 1 to 10 hours


  15. Rusty

    Finally. No one has been uploading Audrey gameplay :(

  16. Lyuks

    Master x master revolution ?

  17. Wacho

    I miss Master X Master: 'c

  18. Andy Wijaya

    is this open world? i need ragnarok like game to play with

  19. Shiro Nanami

    Wtf, China bringing back Hero Warz? lmao

  20. demonseed360

    hopefully mac is in this game, he's my favorite character from herowarz

  21. pastuh

    This champ feels limited.. You kill enemy and server shutdown or crash game.. No time to pick items..

  22. Lario

    Seems fun. G8 vid

  23. Murilo Alves

    Is this herowar z?

  24. Nykusu

    I dont know, these games look all the same. You play some chick with super flashy and fast moves and feel pro and hot, while beating up hundreds of weak crappy opponents, who can barely even hit you.

  25. 유다이

    Fuck chinese gamble

  26. dougfax

    Yes! A gunner class! Now we wait 10 years to play

  27. Similak Child

    Oh this is that game that will come to NA/EU and En Masse will completely ruin it. I can see the future.

  28. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    In job she is a sniper, in gameplay she is a mad gunner!!!

  29. V҉eą̷r

    where B story cg?

  30. Anh Tú Bùi

    Do you have any info on whether it's gonna be on Steam or not? And do they plan on an English/Global release?

  31. Demitrico

    Hero Warz is back baby!!

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