Nightmare Breaker CBT Audrey Advanced Job Gameplay

Here is Audrey’s advanced job with new skills and stuff.
I hope they add more characters to test in the next beta. — PC — CBT End — Action MMORPG

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Комментариев: 21
  1. TipsyCat

    Good stuff Step <3

  2. Wacho

    this type of game needs more fame

  3. Canal do Hollow

    Waiting for Nagne in the next CBT

  4. Xell1987

    reminds me alot of Master x Master

  5. AvenMai

    I loved the old Gretel and Hansel, now they made them into loli's…..

  6. Himitsugawa

    now it's Hero Warz mixed with Arpiel or MxM. But looks fine.

  7. Turbulance16

    looks like blaster from LAO

  8. grenadier42

    Any news on other beta tests? Did they need phone verification? This actually looks like a competent dungeon crawler, even if it's cribbing pretty hard from DFO

  9. PrinceMichixxx

    I was really excited for Herowarz. Sad that they didn't do well in NA/Global. Can't wait for this game.

  10. Hakuna Matata

    In my list to check it out right now!! 👍😍✨

  11. attakforce93

    So it is wasd for movement and click for attack? That's great :) it seems fun.But the Asian 's wall will never allow to this game to come west…T.T

  12. Eben Cheng

    This game look freaking awesome.

  13. belfrysol

    chinese games are so bad!!!!!

  14. rockkiller124

    Looks like a cheap version of Lost Ark

  15. Lord Metallium

    Remake of Hero wars looks nice hope this game lives up to its name

  16. TehOzzy

    Is this that one that uses Hero Warz characters?

  17. AvenMai

    I need this game right now, save me HEROWARZ!!!!

  18. Godot 4.0 in 2022

    I actually liked HeroWarz. It did many things well but sadly some things really bad. In the end I had a good time with it though.

  19. WinterSouls

    Hero Warz 2 looks great!

  20. Dog Person

    It definitely looks like a visual upgrade from HeroWarz, but at the same time not really. Movement and combat looks so much more rigid and not as smooth as HeroWarz (you can tell they really China-fied the game), which makes it look much more slow-paced compared to it's predecessor. Kind of excited for it, but also not really.

  21. maroInn85

    How can i access this game ut need chiba mobile number !!!

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