Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Gameplay Anime MMORPG English Dubbed Ultra Settings HD

Anime MMORPG Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds just came out the other day and I wanted to try it out~ Here is a lengthy preview showing the character customization, prologue, English voiceovers, Swordsman combat, and Witch gameplay.

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00:00 Meow meow meow meow meow~!
00:04 Playable Characters and Customization
07:27 Prologue Gameplay as Swordsman
14:42 Swordsman Combat
17:05 Hatching Egg Pet Helpers
20:28 More Swordsman Gameplay
22:23 Witch Gameplay Field Combat
25:52 CUTE KAWAII!!!!!!
26:47 Waaah, you didn’t see that!

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  1. PinoyTube

    omg the graphics and animation, can't wait to play this game.

  2. Sena

    the animations are nice, but when you started just jumping around during combat it looked so silly… lmao

    Also its netmarble, so everything will be locked behind some kind of paywall and you'll be competing against whales. Hard skip for me, not gonna get baited

  3. Bruno Araoz

    Amazing style. What device do you use to play? It looks really smoth.
    Ty for the video 😁👍
    The jump animation looks weird tho >_<
    They float

  4. Tommy


  5. Bork

    Ni no kuni should just stay single player because that's where at its peak. Anything else is cash grab.

  6. Lakrak Njeprak

    why did i see magician dude from studio ghibli's howl moving castle? is this game based from studio ghibli animation?

  7. 第431只浣熊


  8. Label07

    Just realized this game has a big mobile focus, no thx, I'll wait for Blue Protocol.

  9. RERP

    The game is beautiful, i have always love Ni No Kuni art

  10. Remnas

    What a complete waste of potential… beautiful Ghibli artstyle and animation, full english voice acting, aaaand it plays like every other generic cash-grab mobile game out there.

  11. Nunu

    Steparu when did you come back?

  12. Andhi

    Any news for starlanders or blue protocol?

  13. Tridanite Inazuma

    So they combined the best parts of one and two into this by the looks of it so far. I'm impressed.

  14. Tridanite Inazuma

    omg when you got to the town and started jumping in sync with music! I did that back in one all the time haha

  15. Slammerbit

    @steparu I downloaded on Qooapp but is japanese voice acted how did you make yours english?

  16. Matheus Leão

    It shoud come for Nintendo Switch

  17. Dr Spriink

    Awesome Graphic. This masterpiece should release on PC.

  18. Corey Marcotte

    Not gonna lie, even if this is a Mobile game, the combat is still 10x Better than Ni No Kuni II's lol.

    I wouldn't mind playing this, depending on how heavily monetized it is. But it's a mobile game, so my guess is RIP Ni No Kuni series.

  19. Trinity Gaming

    The jump animation is the only one I don't like so far

  20. doug

    I live in Korea and can download this. There are English dubs in the Asian release? Or did you somehow input them over the gameplay?

  21. Ts Satrina

    So… three things I'm disappointed with about this installment. 1) It's a mobile exclusive (at least for now) 2) It's a p2W MMO.. 3) They reused music from the previous Ni No Kuni titles thinking nobody would notice or care.

  22. Kikoru's Arts

    This game is a disappointment tho.

  23. king Frozt

    If they're smart they will make this for consoles also like they did with genshin impact

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