New Genesis PSO2 Techter Gameplay Boss Fights and Counter Attacks

New Genesis Global Launch is right around the corner. I just finished downloading the client, the game is huge about 100GB rounded up. Here is a gameplay preview of the Techter class!

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  1. Valatine X

    Does Microsoft hate Europa … first with PSO2 now this…. not for your region….

  2. Bork

    SPecs? :D

  3. Xrom Craidd

    NGS is not standalone? ohhh that sucks, i just want to play NGS. arg, imma skip this then, i dont want to waste 80 GB of filesize, sigh*

  4. VictusPrime

    This game is terribly optomised. Don't bother with it unless you have a $4,000 PC.

  5. Wildernessbox

    Think the one major downside ive found with techer is the damage, it just falls off so fast compared to fighter, hunter or the rest of the damage oriented classes. I guess that's the price for having amazing group buffs.

  6. Purple Hyacinth

    How'd you get to use a sword?? I just started playing techter and i can only use the mace/wand weapon 😔

  7. Vinícius Santana

    this game looks so nice and the combat feels like it has a lot of potential but its just all so confusing to me. do classes only have about 5 different abilities each? doesnt it just get repetitive quickly? whys the camera so awkward? im really trying to understand this game because it looks so damn cool and there has to be reason why its stuck around for so long. would someone mind helping me understand the pros of this game content-wise? or just help me to see what i seem to be missing

  8. CelupX

    Can i know what u Pc spec ? can i run in on ryzen 3 2600 with Gtx 960 ?

  9. HowToBadboy

    What is the buff from this class your slot no.3 ?
    Only that ?
    I’m playing this class please tell me.

  10. General Rameivis

    the game is beautiful but the lag not xD

  11. Charles MNP

    how do you do a counter attack with a controller?

  12. Diargoa

    0:16 Fun Fact: Rappy will have a special death animation if they died from attacks with specific elements. Looks like this one is from Dark element, which is curious because we didn't have Dark techs yet

  13. Flaviana Atyarista

    Perfect techter gameplay, look at those perfect timing shield :<

  14. william knight

    What sword are you using?

  15. Gintoki Sakata

    Best weapon for tech?

  16. SwordMaster444

    This game is beautiful but its too bad its not popular enough…

  17. Insane Arcadesmen

    Struggling with the right skills where should I put my 20 points and should I sub class force?

  18. nu

    Is the katana coming in any time soon? I really liked the parry system it had in pso2.

  19. Boby Salim

    your pc system sir, may i know

  20. JustSayMeow

    What weapon is that?

  21. Fabled_ Phoenix_

    I am new to the game but I can not find that Weapon you are using

  22. Muhamad Ubaied

    What race best for techter?

  23. RAIGA 5-6-4

    Man 100gigs.

    Is there any way to get New Genesis only?

  24. zamirroa

    How is the combat? Is it better than genshin nimpact? I am looking for MMOs thst have combat like dark souls where enemies are smart and it's fun to have a fight

  25. Traphouse5436

    Yo I did not realize that Techer was actually a one-handed blade

  26. Adalin Soto

    quemandose abajo de una cascada jajajajajaja!!!

  27. Joshua Miguel Arca

    Where did you get that weapon? :( sorry noob question

  28. Ezekiel surot

    How do u get that weapon? I thought techer is the wand mace thing

  29. Plundered d

    skill build?

  30. Renato Silva

    I came here to see if this game fight mecanics are good, but after this 0:25 I dont care: downloading…

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