New Genesis PSO2 PSE Burst Open World Day to Night Gameplay Ultra HD

Only TWO more days until the New Genesis PSO2 Global Version Closed Beta Kicks off~! Did you guys get in? I’m thinking of focusing on Hunter and Gunner this time around. I’ll see you guys in Ship 01! Don’t forget to download the game early.

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00:00 Woof Woof woof
00:05 Bujin Mini-Boss Battle
02:13 Field Event to PSE Burst Goloron Mini-Boss
05:10 Field Boss during PSE Burst
06:41 Noon to Night transition and Field Event Mini-Boss
08:54 Running Around Killing Normal Mobs
10:55 Night time Field Event Burst
12:30 PSE Burst Climax
15:18 Fighter Burst Skill

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Комментариев: 50
  1. Tridanite Inazuma

    Thanks for the upload steparuchan ^.^

  2. Sk8Society

    I hope this update comes to Xbox soon.

  3. The Truth

    Steparu with the needed mmo gameplay! It’s been dry out here. Thank you! Lol

  4. iNutz

    Ohh men i wish i could play this game in very low setting.

  5. Flaviana Atyarista

    Thank you steparu~ So I can wait this game pretty peacefully and btw where's the boss hp bar? I couldn't find it tbh :(

  6. Tiny


  7. Dede


  8. Overlord Relic

    its nice to see steparu playing once again

  9. sausagesausage

    PSO2 New Genesis looks stunning. Cant wait to lose countless hours exploring this world.

  10. LoneWolf024

    Somewhere out there I hope Cryfu is going to enjoy the beta with us.

  11. Ferrick

    didn't make it in in any of the CBT in JPN ver lol, oh well just 1 more month, what ship are you in step?


    WAYYY too Japanese to do well in the West.

  13. merru

    just prepare for server crashes since too many people are in for global cbt

  14. Topp Shott

    Is it just me or is there no longer a perfect attack? I'm not seeing Anything to indicate that you can time your attacks for more damage. Or am I just really blind

  15. Everart

    Are we ready for all those issues that'll happen day one of this BETA? Cause I am

  16. ultimasurge

    Have just attacks gone away?

  17. Luis

    so much flash but it has boing boing so I think its fine enough

  18. Pride Hunter

    looks grindy idk

  19. Ocire Ocire

    Definetly Steparu is a Beater…

  20. Fajar Rachmad

    Is it going to release on steam as well? I cant find it on my Microsoft store for some reason

  21. pogisalva borja

    Is there any info when it's gonna release global?

  22. Esteban Barrera

    Todo es muy hermosoo, muy bonito, pero no veo mecanicas… simplemente pegar habilidades sin ton ni son… Es la razon por la cual no me gustó el PSO2

  23. Bass Blaster

    HOLY SMOKES THE GRAPHICS R AMAZINGG. AAHHH cant wait for this to release on NA ^^

  24. Chronos

    I am excited for this hope june come sooner

  25. Arantyr DarkHand

    The 2 "classes" i like the best… the aim for the head thing stil in the game right? I still can play like a over the should shotter?

  26. Sealis

    Hope I see you on ship 1! Hype is reaaaaallll

  27. Platinum Son

    Intro emote. "Jiggle²".

  28. Luke Beakum

    Imagine PewDiePie playing pso2?

  29. Gab Shirohige

    I don't know how people would enjoy games like this. All I see are numbers and flashes of light, can't even see the enemy..

  30. Zet Universe

    Error in download beta?

  31. Litdaze

    Can you turn off other player effects?

  32. scenemore

    im sleep

  33. Lorenzo Lentini

    So, Is it going to like, replace the old maps or is it a totally new section of the game ?

  34. jax daxter

    Will this be coming to ps4 in america?

  35. Xavier Lucky

    Jesus christ what a thicc character

  36. VictusPrime

    This game just looks like a zerg fiesta. The combat has no strategy at all. It's just jump around, shoot your gun and watch the pretty colours and DPS numbers.

  37. Branden XBL

    Is this coming to console?

  38. Viett

    How do you equip a gun while having a sword to switch ?

  39. Armitshu Games

    They should release the obt already. Especially for English version. I miss pso2

  40. Trish Nightingale

    It sad it not on the ps5

  41. Richard Alcala

    no summoner in the game yet?

  42. songoDDragonIX

    well… i guess it's time to come back to the MMORPG genre

  43. Diego Alonso Rotta Valverde

    see you there my facebook friend :D

  44. Senpai desu

    cant wait for this game OMG

  45. Cute Loli

    I really enjoyed the beta, I've registered a lot of stuff, the game was all so epic that I can't decide on what to cut and what to publish, I could even think about publishing everything!

    Force user was boring until I discovered the trick of the ice spell, and their ultimate is very cool!

    Yet, I've fought 3 Nogleth in less than 8 minutes, I think they should add a variety to those bosses hahaha but I guess it was just because of the beta

  46. francisco trujillo

    does it work on windows 8.1?

  47. Where is My pasta

    I will lose my life to this game lol xd ill be spending alot of time on this game exploring im gonna lose track of time steparu nice avatar tho not gonna lie pretty drippy

  48. Hypersweat

    Wait. You can switch your load out on the fly? Game of 2021

  49. WuTarEuLookingFor



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