New Genesis PSO2 Hunter Gameplay Global Version

A gameplay preview of my Hunter from the Global version of the New Genesis Closed Beta weekend! Check out the Hunter Photon Burst, CUTE RAPPIES, PSE Bursts, Rare Variations of Nogleths, Hunter Skill Tree, and more!

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00:00 Meow meow meow meow meow Meow?
00:04 Hello My Friends
00:13 Photon Burst Attack
00:59 Silver & Golden Nogleth
03:35 Enhanced Gororon Photon Burst Finish
04:42 Hunter Gameplay & Skills PSE Burst Zone
10:30 Goodbye My Friends
11:15 Central City NPCs and Hunter Skill Tree

#NewGenesis #MMORPG #PSO2NGS

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  1. Cute Loli

    Playing Hunter after the Force User was really a turnover!

  2. megalith

    They just need to fix animation locks and this game will be Gold. Original PSO2 had animation cancelling tools to help classes that need it.

  3. J.L. Scoot

    Are you still using the specs from your 2017 video?
    How did you get it to run this well with that D:

  4. Sycogenesis

    Great gameplay but its still overly complicated it just looks n plays better also if ound the open areas to be too empty of mobs

  5. Locke

    I went Techter / Hunter and I really liked having 2 buffs and a strong aoe heal.

    The open world exploration was tops, combat was very solid, and the cocoons / towers were a lot of fun. Just wish it wasn't launching at the same time as TBC Classic lol . . .

  6. Just Ronandt

    I see Armagedon Blade everywhere.

  7. Read more

    Why did you hit the Rappy!!! D:

  8. Tridanite Inazuma

    my favorite thing to do is read the time stamps. clears throat meow meow meow. Meow meow, meow meow. Mewo.

  9. Tridanite Inazuma

    This gameplay made so much sense to me having had the chance to play this class during the beta too. Thanks for showing off the parry/counter attack. Also, steparu honing in on those weak points o.o

  10. Jian

    What class is ur character? Sorry im justr new in this game.

  11. PaPa Frankku

    glad to be able to fight by your side 😄

  12. Nietzchan

    I really love how they polished the combat in the NGS, I was playing Fi/Hu and it was really fun, counters felt much more rewarding than in PSO2. Mobs have higher time-to-kill but also gave meaningful loots and have decent fighting patterns especially the veteran type. Can't wait for the release~!

  13. Neage Tsukuyomi

    the multi weapon system combining the sword and fist together was great. fist auto attacks and big damage moves with the the swords aoe spinning wheel move and stuff was a awesome feeling.

  14. Haeven

    In my opinion, I think the game/bosses should be a tiny bit harder/faster.

  15. Maxito Black

    Nada mal, lo probaría con mucho interés, se ve chulazo

  16. RagnaXBL

    wish my shitty laptop could handle this game

  17. Nikola Urosevic

    Steparu do you think cryyy is out there trying this game out ;(

  18. Synkhan

    Gotta say, the combat in this game is a joy.. Hunter allowing skill to play such a big role in how well you can take hits is such a treat. Funny, I didnt know you could chain the charged heavy attack lol, I did it once or twice but was too obsessed with counters and boosted Arts that i didnt think to try. Cant wait for the gunblade and katana in the full release.

  19. Shogun

    Pc or mobile?

  20. Mick Ohw

    Mine is Fo/Hu and Gunner in CBT
    Have a blast with it especially boss fight to the point I record and upload it for my daily dose of NGS

    Force can be super chill but if boss keep chasing you down then that chill part is gone
    I endup create Rod/Sword multiweapon later and become closerange mage for the last day.. someone gotta shock stun the UQ mission boss
    And I really enjoy seeing beast type boss got burn to the ground…
    It really satisfying! Seriously

  21. Jaffni Manlangit

    i wanna ask some question im actually kind a interest to play this game but i wonder is this " New Geneis PS02 are same as what already been release in steam or different? "

  22. ThePeacemaker [SSRB]

    Min spec?
    I use Ryzen 5 3400g igpu and still lagged

  23. Piñata Jutsu


  24. Jody Mahardika

    I cant download xbox insider, any solution?

  25. DobleRodeoKing

    Ah… The twists and turns of life.

    I first heard of Phantasy Star Online 2 nine years ago thanks to you. I felt so excited and wanted to download it right away, but found out it only had JP servers. My english wasn't the best either so an english patch wouldn't help. Feeling discouraged, I gave up on the idea of playing it, but it was stuck in my mind for quite some years.

    Many years passed, until one day a friend of mine told me that some game called "Phantasy something" finally had its global release. I instantly searched for it and my god!.. I could finally play it after 8 years of waiting! And not only that, but PSO2 NGS was on the way! So I started playing it and fell in love with it.

    That leads us to the present. While I haven't been able to play PSO2 or the NGS beta lately, I've been watching gameplays. And here I am. Watching the one who first showed me the game I love… 9 years later!

    It's been a long journey, so thank you Steparu… for all these years you have shared awesome games in the best way.

  26. Christopher Ank

    Must to update that 8bit sounds on 2021 game (Y)

  27. eyonex

    U gonna play in usa servers step?

  28. yoshinosakura

    I really dislike the sci-fi/gundam theme. Not gonna bother with this one.

  29. Ibrahim Saadanii

    Hello there
    Thanks for great video <3
    Second : I was looking for a heavy grinding game with good combat and the best 2 choices I found where : PSO2 ( from vids ) + Black Desert Online
    So wanted to ask you : What do you think the game with better and overall funnier gameplay ? Also which one you recommend for a heavy mmorpg grinder.
    Thanks <3

  30. Matthew Chan

    Finally no gatcha for characters, and resins

  31. Pakpoom Sridichainanta

    how are you so good at those perfect parry lol

  32. Finish Him ❄💀

    i want try but dam n the download size 96gb lol

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