New Genesis PSO2 Gunner and Ranger Field Gameplay

©SEGA 『PSO2:NGS』CBT2 — Work in Progress
Playing as double pew pews. Main Ranger and Sub Gunner class~ My Gunner is low level, it probably picks up later on, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other classes. It looks pretty stylish at least?! DMC vibes.

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Комментариев: 37
  1. JuicyPotatoes

    how do i join closed beta now?

  2. jojo Crapule

    is this xenogears update?

  3. Kim Yip

    Ranger class is the best first class tbh if your a new player or just need to farm in general.

  4. Freud Espacial

    Amazing game…

  5. Jeremías Rosales Fiore

    So, any good reason to play Gu/Ra right now? for what i seen, it just makes you able to use the weapons of the other class, so it would be a gunner that also has launcher (since it already has rifle), or do some skills or sth transfer too?

  6. Nyoro

    Okay big tittied/assed anime girl, I like. That gameplay though does not look fun at all, I mean warframe's been out for ages and pretty much does everything better, except for the waifu bit.

  7. Johny Tran

    at least we wouldnt face the circle perfect atk / skill in this games esp when using TMG and while in air

  8. Jesse Sullivan

    I want to play this on my new ps5.

  9. Metal Sign

    Gu gameplay. 
    At long last. 
    Thank you.

  10. Suzukaze

    Was thinking if they would collab with horizon zero dawn later~

  11. Michael Campbell

    Oh man. CAST ranger hovering in this world will be very satisfying.

  12. Dyrhos

    Characters seems like a ps3 game…

  13. Bingus

    does the game actually look like this, because i watched some other videos on how the game looks and it looks nothing like this

  14. Lotus 莲

    I used to play this game. I vaguely remember it

  15. Maximum Break

    Wow, this Warframe clone gets closer and closer to the real thing.

  16. T Rex Gaming

    does the op 'shift+direction keys' spam still work?

  17. Starslayer Jones

    Looks fun willing to try it. Is it basically just early access atm?

  18. The Shuffle Content

    ooh, that looks so easy to maintain airborne

  19. MVP_KZ

    This game still working? :)🤔🤔🤔

  20. Владислав Киприн

    Ba-Ba-Bang! Bang-Ba-Bang! (Yow!) Bang Bang Shooting!

  21. Zen Kurosaki

    i loved pso2 so much man and i still do but i jst gave up on it cos of one reason…selling on player shop put behind paywall….thts not something i can ever tolerate…especially when the affixing shit is heavily rng and complex and the money obtained from quests was completely overshadowed by what u could earn from selling in shop. I felt so bad everytime i had to discard a piece with valuable affixes jst cos its not wht i need. It felt like throwing a couple of days worth of mesetta into the discard bin

  22. Stalwart Spaghetti

    When is this supposed to release in the west? Or will we be waiting eight years again.

  23. ハルちゃん

    Can you do Hunter/Gunner?

  24. r4yZorTV

    I Cant Wait anymore ! ^^

  25. Victor

    I am… slightly concerned for the future of the Bouncer class if Rangers are able to hover like that O_O

  26. DEUS

    the boss looks so easy

  27. Himitsugawa

    Amazing. The gunshots, the movement, the fights, even the music. I really want to try it. Incredible!

    The only thing I miss is EMERGENCY! CODE:…

  28. Phoenix

    very exciting combat……………..

  29. Divine Khagan

    Cewek kok bertytid.

  30. Zet Universe


  31. aTVetochka

    I don't really like this game. Let's see how interesting it will be.

  32. Wow Ginger Mobile

    This class looks boring AF

  33. mat wafo

    how did you control the aim?

  34. Rumia

    came for the gameplay , stayed for your characters personality wink wonkers

  35. emmanuel pastoral

    Can you go directly as a gunner?

  36. Emjay The Great

    Eww gunner without your strongest damage and attack speed booster no chain… eww.. just eww…

  37. Kinan Azka Zaidan

    what armor do u use? and what type of machine gun u use?

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