New Genesis PSO2 Great Wall Challenge Dungeon Speed Run

©SEGA 『PSO2:NGS』CBT2 — Work in Progress
No healing items used~! This is one of the challenge dungeons of the game where players can master their maneuvering skills along with a giant boss at the end that can kill you if you don’t dodge the beam attacks! The BGM is so good.

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  1. Yunos k


  2. a HERO that doesn’t know what protect means


  3. Vongsakorn Thongkeaw


  4. malsam4


  5. Mark J

    Hope you get in to the global beta! I will play force and am looking forward to more of your gameplay.

  6. Tora Toro

    не видел эту игру

  7. Matheus de Paula

    Muito lindo o jogo!

  8. ZenZen Zense

    Hello, I've got a question, how would one register for the open beta later? would it just pop up in the previews or announcements in the xbox insider hub?

  9. Spider 2B

    Thanks again for the great continued content

  10. YumiYuna

    Ok that look fun

  11. SK-07

    Steparu, what's your framerate and settings?

  12. Pi 2

    Play summoner

  13. Ri Doing

    Cant wait to see my old characters blazing through this dungeon!

  14. 7down bo

    Wish it has pvp

  15. AlastorsGaming

    Is that the phantom scythe skin?

  16. Khelleyne

    Can't wait to play this game. I'm holding on PSO2 just for this!

  17. darkenopsia

    did u just switch classes in the middle of the game from force to fighter?

  18. Cyd G

    This dungeon is ugly.

  19. きかん - BASS

    Scythes are such a cool weapon 😈

  20. Imperium Regalis

    Is that Scythe at the beginning a Weapon Camo?! I need to know! PLEASE

  21. Svarog

    will there be Eu servers?

  22. Locke

    Agreed, the BGM is classic. This VR Mission time trial looks cool.

    Got into Global CBT yesterday, pretty stoked.

  23. Shinobi

    question? as long as your credited would it be ok to use some of your pso2 ngs fottage in videos? I wanted to cover it but without the global beta theres not alot of footage rn.

  24. Freud Espacial

    I wonder why they dont differ the weapon splash sounds …

  25. Everart

    That rod looks so dope.

  26. LightmareNoel

    Weird not seeing Steparu lvl 50+. xD

  27. Dio


  28. Holmes Holmes.

    i hear many talk about bringing our character over to ngs, but with the amount of cosmetic and outfits in the old game, is it really possible to bring, if not everything, all those cosmetic stuffs over ?

  29. zatoichi goemon

    If my PC can run pso2 fine will their be any complications for new genesis?

  30. BloodEagle

    Wish scythes were melee. Kinda looks weird being a wand.

  31. Jeremy Cantada

    Will this game require good specs on laptop?

  32. Jeffry BG

    Is it force main class and fighter sub class or the contrary? cause I'd like a build like that

  33. Llaevateinn

    Speed running dungeons in a game that isn't even out yet. Classic.

  34. Victor Silverio

    When will it come to ps4?

  35. Mr. Cuan oriented

    whe this game come out?

  36. Alex Gotcha

    something about this game looks cheap, I cant quite put my finger on it, something about the combat missing some weighty feel

  37. Giovanni Hudson

    Ima cry if there's no etoile

  38. xolitaire

    I am still amazed at how many of the games sound effects are still the same they used in PSO1 on the gamecube or PSPortable. It's such a heavy nostalgia hit

  39. prostobaka

    any body knows about gear system? it's the same old hell about merging and stuff, when you analyze the stats of the received drop, almost as much as you went through the dungeon, or it will be something more fun.

  40. Christian Amio

    What class os that? Having a weapon as a scythe?

  41. May Mabie

    How do you get the third point cube? I've been watching you do it, and it looks easy, but when I try, I don't get nearly as much height. I'm just barely able to get the wall jump off the pillar, much lower than you're hitting it, and then I glide face first into the side of the platform the cube is on. I've been trying for half an hour, and I never get any higher, it feels impossible. It literally looks like you just jump much higher than my character does. Is there a high jump skill I don't know about?

    Edit: Never mind. After a few more tries, and watching you a few more times, I realized I was losing height when my glide started, and you weren't. Apparently if you start glide by holding jump, you lose height, but you keep your height if you manually start the glide by pressing jump again.

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