New Genesis PSO2 Global Release June 2021 Boss Battle Gameplay

Whoaaaaa they’re releasing New Genesis PSO2 already? Scheduled for June 2021! I’m hoping to see some of you guys in the upcoming Global CBT! I was able to smash my way in during the first hour, so hopefully, I got in.

©SEGA 『PSO2:NGS』CBT2 — Work in Progress Footage

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  1. mil mil

    Bosses mostly just sit there and take it.

    Would be more entertaining if they did more. Flexed their abilities like Dark Souls, Sekiro, etc.

  2. Super Vega

    Yep, still on ps4 release here in the west, hope it's soon 😃😃😃

  3. Dota2Loadout

    pso2 is like 10 yrs alr, you cant go wrong with team SEGA.

  4. Chico DePuertoRico

    I firmly believe this game is going to give FFXIV a run for its money. FF devs don't give this kind of content too much mind. Its heavily story oriented and most of the end game content revolves around its plot driven trials. The gear wheel has gotten really taxing and it doesn't help that most of the side content is repetitive. I'm looking forward to playing this. I loved the Original PSO. Its a shame we've needed to wait so long for PSO2 to drop and now we learned about this. I'm excited.

  5. faf1rain

    Hello magatsodam i know its u!

  6. Entropydemic

    I love the shoulder and lock camera switch.

  7. KoalaifyMan

    I just hope the official release date for global would start on Friday at least. That would be worth to look forward to after work.

  8. Sebastián Plaza

    This game can be played in ps4??

  9. Nyoro

    How's the tiddy physics btw? Big question here

  10. Eduardo Animais

    the best game.

  11. Flagyouraccount

    PC or Xbox or both in June?

  12. SintSuke

    I bet it will be banned in the Netherlands and Belgium again cause of loot boxes.

  13. G.Doyle91

    Is this coming to Switch (UK) in June?

  14. Play Games With Shiro

    i wacth this when i play phantasy star online 2 and i feel …. missing

  15. Zash Vladimir

    Is this open world or instance-based/dungeon-based?

  16. Vie T Ng

    It's not GLOBAL, it's NA/EU only

  17. JAFF

    wow so kiting is possible

  18. Omran Alshaiba

    Count me in! finally a MMO to hookup with after a long rest from BDO!

  19. DrSaul Gameplays Garrido

    Saldrá en switch en América ?

  20. Seth E

    Where is the challenge ????

  21. vxvoart

    Can't wait to make my perfect waifu

  22. Black

    any pvp or just mindless bot spamming?

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