New Genesis PSO2 Force Gameplay Most Chill Class

©SEGA 『PSO2:NGS』CBT — Work in Progress
The most relaxing class to play in beta and grinding EXP! Monsters were weak to either Ice or Fire. Spam the Ice Attack until the mob is debuffed with five shards, then follow it up with a charged Ice Attack for explosive damage!

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Комментариев: 31
  1. Rangiris, Jamaica

    Damn! This game gave me motivation to study harder to find better job to afford a pc that can run this!

  2. Bamcorp Gaming

    braver when

  3. Burai

    Between PSO2 and Blue Protocol which one will you choose?

  4. Jay

    Is this going to release to the west?

  5. Black Entomancy

    could you show us techer gameplay?

  6. Curtis Mintah

    Steparu! Its good to see your vid. used to watch you a lot in HS & Uni. hope ur doin well.

  7. knight knives

    is this game on ps5?

  8. Thirox Hollowfied

    is that game comming soon to global/na?
    or only jp and we must wait 6-10 years like the first one?

  9. Dwayne

    yeeaaah, not my cup of tea. Waiting on Swords of Legends, now that game is a MMO in my opinion.

  10. TerraTheWise

    So I never got super into PSO2 because it just felt too dated for me. Is this game just running around killing things in the overworld? There’s no endgame raid dungeons or mini dungeons and stuff like that right?

  11. Stalwart Spaghetti

    So glad JA is gone, this looks fun.

  12. Imperium Regalis

    With Force now being able to float and glide so freely whilst attacking like the Etoile Class I can now enjoy my Force Class even BETTER in NGS!

  13. Aquino

    How you fly like this????

  14. Tesseus

    What's a good subclass for force?

  15. Where is My pasta

    Im guessing This game will have over about 100k players or if all rpg player united on this game 1-2 mil

  16. Yume Megami

    Is it me or looking at those damage numbers compared to other players. Force is really weak

  17. Mister Roboot

    so Force isnt mind numbingly boring in NGS?

  18. PlagueDoctorTy

    the more i look at the doll enemies, the more i think they're made of alien jelly

  19. Fㅇㅇㄴ's ₩ㅇrㅣd

    So, does this still have their room system (housing)??

  20. bacherfkin mcskiddlywop

    can you make a character creator video of making a male cast? i dont have a pc and i cant find male cast videos on youtube. a quick scroll through the options would make me super amped

  21. Chris1906

    Is this the regular gameplay? I mean, you're flying most of the time above all, I love that! Need to try that one out asap <3

  22. TheRapidVengeance

    How does the class work,do u need all elements on your hotbar and use them acording to weakness ?

  23. B T

    What class uses that giant skill? Was that another force?

  24. dsagent

    Wth I did not even know there was a manual aim mode.

  25. Opeyemi Akande

    😼 can a force have a fighter sub in ng??

  26. Jhonrock

    Which graphical settings are you using? Cuz your game is clearly looking prettier than mine, even I running it at ultra quality setting.

  27. Ander Rivera

    FULL OF LAg in NA server , gg!

  28. Nunu

    Holy shit, Steparu is alive?

  29. Atlas Fullsun

    This class seems mind-numbingly boring.

  30. Joseph

    The snoozefest class

  31. MoonBounce

    @steparu what subclass would you reccomend for force? Still techter? Thanks!

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