New Genesis PSO2 Fighter Gameplay Closed Beta 2

©SEGA 『PSO2:NGS』CBT Fighter Gameplay — Work in Progress
I enjoyed the beta a lot~ I mained Fighter and Force so expect a lot of gameplay featuring the two this week~ Countering and dodging feels really good in the game. My PC Specs posted below for those interested.

My PC Specs
Intel Core i7 9700k
Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super
32 GB Ram 2800Mhz
2 SSD 500GB — 1 HD TB
Windows 10 64-Bit

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  1. Steparu

    My PC Specs was asked a lot in the previous video.

    Intel Core i7 9700k

    Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super

    32 GB Ram 2800Mhz

    2 SSD 500GB — 1 HD TB

    Windows 10 64-Bit

  2. Mikhailovich Volkonsky

    I never tired to watching u,..

  3. Leon Hunter

    I think Ryu & Ken might have something to say about that uppercut photon art.

  4. Sleiyphnus Vængi

    Muda muda muda muda muda muda

  5. UKERU

    Afer fucking hunter animations at least fighter got beautiful! I cant wait!


    whats the best setting for my RTX 2060 32gb ram?

  7. Jose Reyes

    Take notes Final Fantasy XIV on Monk (MNK)…

  8. EgyptianJoe

    so from very short and quick google search NG is gonna be its own title so if this interested me i should wait until NG comes out since it won't be like a downloadable update to PSO2 right?

  9. Gally GGG

    any game music?

  10. BlazinBro786

    As someone who loved Hajime no Ippo i grown to love boxing/brawler characters/classes in games. im so hyped for this class, i wasnt a fan of it in base pso2 cuz of overload.

  11. Macabre


  12. Cristóbal Arévalo

    Damn she thicc <3 i like the new female CAST looks good 👌

  13. Makina Icyterror

    Global test wheeennn BORRRINGGG

  14. Jiggle Bee

    how to download this anyone?

  15. HitomiOokami

    So excited to see more Fighter/Force stuff. tis what caught my eye from one of the trailers. I hear Fight/Techer is also a interesting combo? I just like the idea of being able to get in close and also have range options that give self sustain to boot. … assuming one can still heal using Magic arts?

  16. ElazulsCore

    Stepara is still going at it, after all this time? Bless this world for small miracles.

  17. Aufutharja

    Oh! You are back, and for ngs?! Nice!

  18. kipi kipi

    is new genesis a new game? or a expansion update to the main game but needs a new chara?

  19. Soracj

    hope they add PvP

  20. Viett

    How do you play the CBT2 right now? is there a guide?

  21. KittyLin

    shit online

  22. 666のRank4


  23. Schwarz Feily

    1:08 this give me machine gun blows vibes =D

  24. Mouhsine

    hmmm…the enemies fell so empty..and the chars have almost no voices during battle

  25. ReKalibrate

    PSONG Fighters remind me of Blade and Soul KungFU masters now and I love it!

  26. iKKi Lee

    any news when OBT?

  27. Gerald Jackson

    Consecutive punches and a Shin Shoryuken. This is gonna be lit!!!!

  28. mariotaz

    Rising Dragon!

  29. Muzaffer

    Steparu always delivers! thanks for showcasing solid gameplay

  30. Xexal Seyer

    This looks surprisingly good. I got bored of PSO2 after a couple of months, and even uninstalled it. But I had some fun, got two characters to 75 and unlocked those newer classes, leveled those up a bit but it still wasn't enough to hold me. Might try this out whenever it comes out, it's gonna suck losing all the big tiddy mods I had on the og game tho lmao

  31. Oshian

    Fighter looking like Terry from KOF 🤤

  32. SoapLittner

    When we'll be able to play it in EU?

  33. Andeerson

    i really hope my computer can run this game, or else i'm gonna have to do some lowspecgamer tweaks to the point that my settings in-game makes the floor nonexistent.

  34. Midkiff Skunk

    Only watching the video for the game play I swear.

  35. Pembeli Toko Online

    Like your video man, btw this flash question :

    Can i run this game with i7-3770 (ram 16gb)? What's minimal gpu for this game, man?

  36. Lore Nexus

    This comment is coming from a Blade & Soul Kung Fu master player. I actually don't see nothing interesting about the fighter.. or boxer in truth. They added a slip which is a accustom to a boxer, the standard one two three punch, dragon uppercut, and rapid attacks. I would of prefer seeing a full mixture of attacks as a true MMA character involving some kicks, and strikes mixtures, or even block counter. As I stated to call this class a fighter… I can't really see it more then a boxer.

  37. Krad

    The real good thing about ngs is mobs actually try to fight back instead of being loot pintas xD

  38. BloodEagle

    God I want to see jetboots.

  39. Nietzchan

    Knuckles now looks less clunky and most importantly, no more oversized hands !!!
    Thank you for your review on PSO:NG Steparu, keep up the good work as always!

  40. Versher777

    You can finally feel the power of the KNUCKLES! Oh, man, thank you.

  41. hermawan saputro

    nice gameplay

  42. antonio

    where di u download this game

  43. Alshian Game Crazy

    prays for amazing gameplay using Twin Daggers

  44. Wallace Sousuke

    The fact they can float in the air like DBZ characters is such a massive turn off to me, I love more grounded combat

  45. George Neves

    Seiya Approve

  46. T D

    Yep. Gonna try this class. Since I don't see dual blades yet on New Genesis.

  47. Br Z

    Anyone know how to use overload as a fighter or what the timing is to alter your techs with the weapon action?

  48. JChingy

    Bouncer and Braver reveal will be so badass just seeing how the regular classes move like PSO2 scion classes

  49. Olivier Payette

    Lmao why playing as a little girl?

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