New Genesis PSO2 Boss Urgent Quest Melee Short Gameplay

©SEGA 『PSO2:NGS』CBT — Work in Progress
Apart from the Open World quests and events, players can also queue up for Urgent Quest Missions that spawn during certain hours. Here is a preview of one of the Urgent Quest instanced Boss Battle as a Melee character.

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  1. Kayla

    Looks super fun! Is this your favorite class?

  2. Kafuki Ken

    that is awesome. btw, when do you think the will release this game?

  3. ariel brenes

    wow this is a masterpiece 😍
    It's too cool that I even wanted to play it, the bad thing is that I don't have a good pc xD
    It will not come out for consoles?

  4. Vinicius Nogueira

    This is exactly what MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER means, amazing video.

  5. Luminous

    Can you make some Lost Ark Gameplay Videos again ? Please

  6. CrimsoN

    oh my looks good!

  7. this guy

    damn New Genesis look gorgeous
    i just cant wait anymore

  8. Alfred Francisco

    Hello Steparu how was the NGS CBT Experience ?? can you give us a detailed experience? thanks more power more views!


    does all the boss fights dont have mechanic at all? just hit and dodge is pretty boring

  10. Azreal _15

    Very nice videos. Thanks & welcome back. @steparu about how many players do you think you see in an instance out in the open fields? Seems like a decent number. I'm hoping with more optimization it will be 30-50. That's probably a bit to ambitious I imagine.

  11. Bernardo Ploch

    is new genesis an entirely new game or does progress transfer over?

  12. Setonex

    if it will be this good-looking when its out, it will be the game with best graphics. Its look so good

  13. Sycogenesis

    Can't wait to see the BBQ gameplay

  14. Nyarsa Nyatoka

    3:00 low FPS, Is that a recording problem?

  15. It'sMeJamesE

    Can you do a video showing off the interface?

  16. Loli

    Looks great so far… I just hope for the same Japanese experience in this game for western release…

  17. Youtubɛ

    so when is this coming out in the west?

  18. Tridanite Inazuma

    I didn't recognize you with all that clothing on.

  19. Brother Coconut


  20. GianTehGreat

    THIS IS A LEVEL 10 BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????? NANI!!!??

  21. Unknown

    When does this release?

  22. Melchiorsmith

    Is this on PC or Xbox?

  23. Peeps85

    Do you know if the marketplace will be free or will it require premium?

  24. C L

    This game or FFXIV?

  25. The Magical Space Papa

    Definitely like the modern changes

  26. paku

    Wow it looks great. Might as well playing this game again when it's releases.

  27. Vincent Nguyen


  28. Review Bear

    2:45 When the boss is tired of your shit.

  29. KyeGKY

    Hmm i dont even know if my pc can handle the particles.

  30. Alex Pollack

    is this a brand new game, or expansion for pso2?

  31. Mundo Gameplay 507
  32. Mundo Gameplay 507

    This game is play able on america??

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