Naraka: Bladepoint Swordplay Counter or Die Melee Combat

The melee combat in Naraka Bladepoint is very satisfying especially when you turn the tables around with a counter-attack and disarm your opponent. Sword clashing is also fun, I’m enjoying the Naraka: Bladepoint beta so far. I can’t wait until they add more melee weapons later. The BGM I used is from GhostFinal Hikari — Gray Raven.

Naraka Bladepoint Steam Download

Link to BGM — Punishing Grayraven OST

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Комментариев: 27
  1. Coolgy Coolgy

    game looks amazing

  2. Etniuh

    the game looks pretty good but there is some things to shape hopefully they give a smooth and better gameplay than this for the final version

  3. envy.

    Seems like that one move that you knock them on their ass with is the real killer. They can’t recover afterwards and get smoked. That’d get so annoying really fast.

  4. Zyuhninjn

    One player game?

  5. Teco Tek

    I was about to say the BGm sounds like PGR and then i read the description haha

  6. AzureRoxe

    It looks interesting.

    And then i realized it's yet another BR game.

  7. nem ulr

    japanese edo era mmo game amazing

  8. Wally

    for honor but china?

  9. Rytis Satkevicius

    mashfest fustercluck from the looks of things

  10. Nightmare

    Hahaha nice

  11. Nightmare

    Wish it was a RPG :/

  12. Nightmare

    3:30 😮

  13. yoko yokome

    Lol loving the punishing gray raven qu theme along with the video. But by any chance can you show case guide for the weapons combos n etc.

  14. Alex Baima

    Hey! Have you got the access to the blue protocol beta test?

  15. Shannon Baar

    Comming 2020,but when..? Lol!

  16. Que Taco


  17. Wag kang Bulaklak

    this is great if its an open world mmorpg, but its another goddamn BR. just leave the BR scene to FPS games.

  18. Kalin annonimous

    Does this have duels, 2v2 like a battleground type thing where its something like 5v5 or 4v4?

  19. Ovan TriEdge

    You never dissappiot fam.😎👍 I love it beautiful.

  20. Jinir

    this looks sick

  21. Andrew Crawford

    On the last day of beta I actually killed you once….you then subsequently ressurrected and wiped my squad….but still. once.

  22. Kevin Persanie

    blade and souls like with no story

  23. Sirkrodz

    Nice FPS

  24. Divad XXX

    Jum.. jedi academy vibes…

  25. Daniel Cheng

    I would enjoy this game 2X more if it had more game modes that doesn't evolve running around looking for gears. What's the point? The amazing combat should be the one and only focus of this game.
    Just make team matches, dual, siege modes etc. and let us choose our weapons and items before the match, and loot the dead bodies for more supplies.

  26. Ale

    the counter reaction time is insane

  27. EmperorBX

    Where you from? Why is your Ping so good

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