Naraka Bladepoint Spear Gameplay Open Beta HD 2K

The Open Beta for Naraka Bladepoint started yesterday. Here are some of my highlights from yesterday using the newly released weapon. It seems pretty good!?! My second favorite melee weapon with Katana being the first.

Naraka: Bladepoint Steam Page

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  1. Nikola Urosevic

    I love the greatsword but I want to see some Hime gameplay when she is out!

  2. Antuan

    Steppie how are you doing that charged attack proc so on point??? I only get it right once in a while

  3. LilNaLy

    I need customization kurumi please

  4. yoko yokome

    Can wait for dual blades

  5. Xuepreme

    great gameplay as always!

  6. Noblesse Oblige

    Looks interesting, but B2P BR? That sounds like a suicide.

  7. Johanson Morales

    Esos arqueros pegan en la madre

  8. Nezzen

    i suck at this game

  9. SlimBullet

    hmmmm how you do the vertical swing? please do the tutorial =)

  10. teentitanbg

    I hate battle royal system.

  11. Savage Cap

    Jeez step I thought I was watching Dynasty Warriors the way you was going crazy 😂

  12. Numantia Gamers

    nice bot killer

  13. Hayashi Shirou

    katana still cooler 0w0

  14. Mooncalf

    I don't know why people will play this, they sold us it was gonna be a PvE experience like sekiro and it now comes as a battleroyale..

  15. Yang Shane

    Too expensive for my country… a fucking 80 brazilian reais for a BR without that much content… is a NOPE… but the game is good for the demo

  16. furiat21 Igt

    I don't like Battle Royale games in general, but this game will get by But if I had to pay for it, no way in general, paying for any battle royale is a waste of money only

  17. Aizen Senpai

    Dynasty Warriors 2021 version

  18. Hate

    Wish they had this on xbox cause I don't have a pc

  19. Bork

    Steparu is dead again. No videos for 6 days ahu ahu ahoo

  20. Trườg Hữu

    Wow combo

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