Naraka Bladepoint Katana Solo Full Match Gameplay

Here is a full match gameplay preview with combat at 1x speed and the running around at 2-3x speed. This is currently my favorite melee battle royale game. Chipmunk voices are cute, lol. I can’t wait until this game is out.

Naraka Bladepoint Steam Page

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  1. Nathaniel Owusu

    Lol why does this part 0:10 sound like 2 cats fighting each other

  2. Rakieem FOX

    Always good to see you upload these awesome mmo gameplays duder.

  3. nameless less

    I pre-ordered this game.

  4. Mc Len

    I WILL BuY THIS GAME. AT LEAST it's not fREE so FREE OF early game hacckeers

  5. Rafa Rodríguez

    i want European Fantasy too T_T

  6. Siana

    Some other people seem so lost lol, they are looking for PvE? xD Gg for your victory.

  7. Unknown Paradise

    wow a battle royale lookin like this awesome


    Mantap ^.^

  9. Chrono Hax

    damn looks fun

  10. Bill Vavouras

    Sure did a number on 'em

  11. Flaviana Atyarista

    You always have great gameplay xD Keep goingg!

  12. Yashiro Kuroh

    The game should be free to play but devs got greedy with the success of the CBTs and will be buy to play. Buy to play Battle Royales are rarely successful I ain't buying this game just for it to die thanks to the devs being greedy

  13. yoko yokome

    Damn not bad.

  14. JabzGG

    18 kills, dayum! haha wellplayed Steparu

  15. Projekt Kana

    ohmigosh Steparu, I didn't know you hired Alvin and the Chipmunks to Narrate your off time during match, when not in combat 😁

  16. Royal Chen

    You really love Katanas

  17. Maickel Vieira

    this game looks realy cool

  18. Tiny

    This game is really fun :v i kinda wish the weapons weren't ammo though :( and instead we used sword oils or something idk XD

  19. paku

    imo I think they shouldn't allow other player to see how much HP & armor other players have.

  20. Bastard

    Hope this has a raw power, two handed axe/hammer playstyle.

  21. Soonie Mini

    love it!!!

  22. Chouhong Ye

    Seem like only 2-3 character you killed in this solo are real person.The other are too dump too be real player. Emmm…you should try custom room, the best place too improve skill.BTW, I'm not saying you are not good, playing with real person should have more fun.

  23. Alibert Chavez

    Bot in easy?

  24. IssaXKeita Lit

    When is the game coming out

  25. general Othinel

    Waiting for this game to come to Mobile to replace fortnight.

  26. Nifrigel

    Jesus, so many bots even in this video. I assume Steparu is pretty high ranked and still.

  27. Gimmie Ur Tots

    Is it out on pc now?

  28. Flare

    Watching these kind of gameplay made me not want to buy the game. The good players seem to be like they're on steroids where they will be 10x faster than everyone. I'll wait until it goes Free to Play.

  29. Hendra Isarytomo

    Steparu just subs because I like naraka and watching you played it. But I wonder at 11.35 how you can depleted his armor just using grapling hook ?

  30. SoSoSmoothGaming

    Great gameplay enjoying myself on this game!! It’s very competitive!! 🔥👍🏾


    i'm still deciding whether to buy, looks fun. is that gold bar you armor and health underneath in bottom left corner? also is it pay to win or are all micros just for cosmetics?

  32. Cazel

    Use my referral code when you login to the game for the first time for extra rewards! (Only works after you create your name in-game) Code — "chyfncnqdq"

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