Naraka Bladepoint Great Sword Gameplay Highlights and Hot Zone Frenzy

Great Sword is one of the more newbie-friendly weapons in the game. I prefer using the Katana but having a Great Sword on the second slot will save you in most situations. 05:34 is where the fun starts~! The whole server spawned in the middle and it was crazy.

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00:00 Meowmeowmeowmeow
00:04 Great Sword Highlights
03:30 Long Sword to Great Sword Clutch
05:34 Part 1 — The whole Server Spawned/Dropped Middle
09:20 Part 2 — I’m dead, Clutch Heal Save! WE SURVIVED!!
10:18 Part 3 — Tower Campers? Send them Flying!
11:15 Part 4 — Hmmm?
11:45 Part 5 — Final Team Kurumi Lagged out of Combo
12:27 Part 6 — We won with 28 Squad Kills~

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  1. Tiny

    Are you playing on low for performance? I liked it in the CBT XD — also did you know that fools, tend to die young? :v

  2. Gradient Pumpkin

    Steparu just keeps me wanting to try out the game, but I suck at BRs.

  3. YAGOO's Right Hand

    Is this f2p?

  4. Elijah

    the greatsword is dangerous at the same time risky would like to try this out but my laptop only built to handle 2018 games could never.

  5. Hululu_Pengu

    Good content as always step

  6. Jacob Nguyen

    this game looks like its running the same engine as hunter's arena. Actually it looks similar in a lot of other ways too, makes me wonder…

  7. KeneyTsunami

    Watching this makes me miss this game so much.. ;( I'll take an early access at this point

  8. Bill Vavouras

    It feels good to break a sweat occasionally

  9. Rose GoId

    S H A M E

  10. Евг ен


  11. Phrysma

    The attack animations REALLY are similar to MH greatsword, love it <3

  12. AzureRoxe

    One of the few BR games that actually look interesting.

  13. Matteo

    9+ for graphics,Zero for Game…
    MMORPG is the way…this is a BR.

  14. Chocobily

    It look like hihio zabimaru

  15. The Lunatic

    wtf i wanna play that rn

  16. Naoth

    Nice game-play, but dear god, those repeating voice lines are at the same level as Dragon dogma pawn.

  17. Ayvuh San

    now i want everything to be on Nintendo Switch lmao

  18. Master Beta

    God I hope this gets a PS4 release later on.

  19. neocodex

    Shame. I thought you'd be more interesting.

  20. mil mil

    The game is probably good.
    But almost everything looks like Blade and Soul. Would be nice if they changed up the aesthetic or something to make it look like its own thing

  21. Rafa Rodríguez

    only asian maps? i want a mix of europe and asia fantasy

  22. zy uiouy

    Miss this game so much

  23. Youtubɛ

    f2p? b2p?

  24. Hann

    Its suck that this game gonna be b2p :(

  25. Hyu

    meow mewo meow meow

  26. Arti

    is this old footage?

  27. Short Name


  28. Sentenex

    Can they re-release the game? I'm tryna go crazy 😭

  29. MSORPG

    Aion's Bakarma GS just got ripped. :)

  30. Vraekon

    Can’t wait for this release, I used the great sword mostly in the last beta. I think I saw a new weapon coming today too. Isn’t launch release date being announced E3?

  31. Mikuru-senpai

    I must say, it feels good to break a sweat occasionally.

  32. Mighty D


  33. Christian

    Why does this game already look like who first hits wins?

  34. Ace Hazume Ch. エースハズメ

    S H A M E

  35. A Tay

    Can you to a tutorial I’ve never seen these combos before

  36. Quinz -


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