Naraka Bladepoint Gameplay Full Match Melee Only

Naraka Bladepoint Beta just started today, here is an unedited full-match gameplay. Timestamps added for those that want to skip right into the action. Anyone can join this limited beta through the Naraka Bladepoint Steam Page linked below.

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00:00 Meowing
00:04 Looting
03:39 Fighting — He got the drop on me
04:21 Looting
06:35 Fighting — 3rd party time
07:30 Looting
09:18 Fighting — Big team battle
10:35 Looting
15:15 Fighting — Slice and Dice
16:00 Looting
18:11 Fighting — Death Rays from Above

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  1. Svět podle Petra

    The most boring battle royale ever made

  2. GoonKillluaaa


  3. Dallas Scandling

    This game is amazing! I hope the devs keep up with it! Truly a good and currently the best switch up from regular BRs

  4. Arrcival

    It's great, but why are characters luminescent ?

  5. sageky

    Looting, Fighting, looting, fighting, Looting, fighting, looting, Fighting, Looting AND Fighting.

  6. Project Artemis

    when is the release date for this game?

  7. TNR PinkPanda

    Mirip Black Desert Online

  8. bobo42024

    Lol wtf is this garbage

  9. DjFire

    Nice battle against bots….

  10. BORA

    how to join beta?

  11. Faisal Boernia

    is this game available on pc or steam?? why this game is not on my steam..

  12. The Dragon

    When is this release?

  13. this Aintthat

    at 9:25 if u used your special abilities you could have wiped the whole team with greatsword swing

  14. OEDI TV

    Wow, that was impressive

  15. Shawn

    Make a naruto game like this FFS!

  16. 克劳尔


  17. SirWillemGaming

    What was that anime-ish battle royale game on phone again? It's a bit same like this.

  18. KING

    This gives me crouching tiger vibes

  19. Some Dude

    I like the combat system alot, but I kinda just feel sad that its another BR when it can be something else and so much more.

  20. JF

    This looks fun. Hopefully, it won't end up like Spellbreak.

  21. Dr. Van Nostrand

    Were these people you were against bots? They were totally brain dead.

  22. Bro BS

    what is your PC component (spec)

  23. Nlong gnaV

    is this a pvp game ? or pve? jw…..or something like fornite?

  24. Dtrkshadow

    Game looks fun except that everyone else seems to play like bots and lacks a good fight

  25. Nicohus

    damn this game do b looking clean tho

  26. Emma Glen

    Nioh 2 PUBG 2,

  27. Sean Eckhart

    Not a fan of that 2005 graphic

  28. Nigel.P Clark

    Bring back Ijji Gunz

  29. Hồn Sư Memoryes777

    Ra thêm video Naraka nữa đi, tôi rất thích.

  30. Haunter

    wow this looks even more boring than standard battle royale..

  31. Devolved State

    chwwkxnmjy torch code

  32. GreenTea

    This looks roughly made…

  33. Charming Goon1234

    is it worth to buy it

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