Naraka Bladepoint Gameplay Actual Combat Solo and Trio Wins Ultra Settings

Naraka Bladepoint Gameplay Preview showcasing both Solo and Trio modes of the game called The Chosen. Perhaps a mode with no ranged weapons would be nice. The game is fun, but I feel like the ranged weapons are overpowered. Also, a lot of people thought that Naraka: Bladepoint was going to be a melee and stealth battle royale game. Next gameplay to feature less combat and more of the open-world running.

00:00 Intro
00:05 Solo — Legendary Grenade Launcher OP
01:49 Solo — Legendary Armor Battle Stealth Escape?!?
02:45 Solo — Final Three Disarming Opponent
03:07 Solo — Third Party Bro Zooming In
04:00 Squads — BOT or PLAYER?
04:16 Squads — Running and Looting
05:41 Squads — Snuck Up On Players Looting
07:23 Squads — Random Bro
07:45 Squads — Another Team Chasing Another Team
08:36 Squads — More Team Battles
10:33 Squads — Grenade Launcher All Day
11:39 Squads — Last Player Team Others are Bots?

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  1. Titanic Tuna

    This looks pretty good. I think I prefer fantasy battle royales over the shooters, just seems like there's more complexity to the gameplay.

  2. Azz-Rushman

    Damn, I applied for the beta for the "Action Adventure" they advertise, but apparently it's just another battle royale.
    Such a waste of good assets for an already over-saturated genre that requires a big playerbase to stay alive.

    On the other hand, i'm liking what the guys of Atlas Reactor did.
    Their PvP game wasn't popular enough to survive, so they ended up developing a PvE version of it with the same assets.

  3. Thorismond


  4. Steve Phrasavath

    sup no deal but you

  5. SnowTV

    Damn, pro skills

  6. Scorpi O

    Fuck I hoped we are done with battle royale lukewarm crap

  7. FlowTactics

    Game looks aight, weird that they chose to make a BR in a saturated market. Realistically, This will be niche and die rather quickly, especially since it's a Chinese title. Unlucky.

  8. Amrish Patel

    This is a BR game I would definitely play! :D

  9. Nightmare

    This is a battle royale? Damn , could have been a RPG , such a waste.
    It is chinese right? The combat (without guns) looks good.
    Thanks for showing it steparu.

  10. xDr Evilx

    Woulda been better as just an open world RPG. That what they make it seem. BR is so blah

  11. No Way

    it looks beautiful… shame about the ranged weapons

  12. Mirage

    Oh man looks great

  13. Dee jinn woo

    This kinda remind me of kings avatar

  14. Ysil La

    What's up with the dirty bots in the comments lmao 😂

  15. Kulturak

    Love the gameplay, is ther a game similar to this style of play but not BR? thanks in advance!

  16. Christian Ferloni

    Where does she hide her…..(checks terminologies)… bazooka when she's not using it? Also, bazooka? Nah.

  17. ThisIsNai

    God dammit this couldve been like a better version of for honor but instead they messed up and used br

  18. Minomo

    King Avatar vibes

  19. sva333

    lol. what is wrong with the game company these days?? didn't BR fad already done???, why they still poop out their type of game?? Look at SpellBreaker, amazing graphic and waste on stupid BR, and look how they're doing? DEAD AS EVER. Please, stop wasting your money to develop this kind of crap. it's a waste of money.

  20. Dapper Pickle

    The Chinese fantasy battle royale that this brings is very whimsical and fun to watch . I actually got to try this out and I didn't feel any barebone aspect about it. I really like this game. The characters abilities need to been tuned because I played the drunken barbarian guy and I feel underpowered compare to some other classes but could be wrong 🤣 lol

  21. Sam B

    This looks cool.its an interesting choice to make it a BR but maybe it will be unique enough to become popular

  22. Kuma Boe

    Anyone know when this is coming out?

  23. Yann Pennaneac

    looks amazing and interesting

  24. Peacekeeper

    This game is basically a samurai /ninja version of fortnite?

  25. zacman

    What is this game for is it for mobile pc Xbox or ps4

  26. Nyammy Z

    4:41 reminds me to tenchu 3 wrath of heaven :D

  27. Fiocina

    Before its official release, I think they should have adjust these things.
    1. Nerf ranged weapon mechanics, either it's damage or durability, better to be both. So far i could see, this game was intended to make a more melee-style battle royale than the casuals. So it's better to buff all melee mechanics and nerf all ranged
    2. That Vajra transformation is a thing, it supposed to be strong point for getting kills but its side effect overwhelmed it. Double damage taken, struggle button which can make enemy avoid it most of the time while the Vajra taking double damage from all directions 😂
    I hope you can help to send this to the dev, and I wish they're gonna listen you more. I just don't want this potential game ended up trash as dupes 😂

  28. Adib Zouak

    Is it available on PS4 ?

  29. Branden XBL

    Anybody know if this would come to the new consoles?

  30. Michael Sexton

    I love the idea buy I can already tell the cannon has got to be nerfed or taken out in a melee focused game that's some major bs regardless if everyone can use it

  31. CaliburPANDAs

    dude got the "moral support" badge. he was useless xD

  32. BTS_Army

    Imagine if they made a Naruto battle royal 💀 and you can pick up 3 different ninjutsu

  33. Zinriusminazen

    People in comments already crying about the ranged weapons… smh.

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