Naraka Bladepoint Fast-paced Action Combat Gameplay Squads Highlights

You can’t win by spamming left click, gotta counter, and interrupt player combos. Here are some of my 1v2 and 1v3 gameplay clips~ I enjoyed the previous beta a lot and can’t wait for the next beta on April 23rd! I might check out the Chinese beta if it’s still going on if you guys want more videos~!

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Комментариев: 31
  1. Luan Nguyen

    Impact sounds good.
    I've always longed for fantasy martial art style game like this.

  2. Full Calibur

    It looks so easy to put someone in a simple stun lock during combos, I can see that as being the downfall of this game

  3. Devin Cousineau

    Stunlock: The Game

  4. Sasha Alex

    Might just be the first-ever battle royale i'l ever try.

  5. Hiei

    special guest characters: rurouni kenshin and sanosuke sagara

  6. Chi Zhang

    does this video have some frame issue?

  7. Zef

    combat looks jank

  8. GLG Unleashed HD

    Stop spamming buttons

  9. badrhey18

    0:56 im pretty sure that Beidou from GI

  10. Gustavo Lora

    If they are chinese there will be a corona virus skill somewhere

  11. toloth9

    Is it just me or is this Final Fantasy 5 music… game looks good though

  12. Ojot

    so basically, this is battleroyale with martial art concept?

  13. ooooo

    I got A faint~🤪 a little bit dizzy with these motions⋯omg⋯but congrats for your new account.

  14. Yoshitsune Minamoto

    i don't wanna to kill girls. fuck this game

  15. doix 2909

    man idk how can u be so good at every game with just trying it for a bit of time and make a content out of it :3
    great works and skill as always

  16. J Welch

    That Gilgamesh them tho.

  17. FyreIsBoss

    it looks like for honor but worse

  18. Andrew Burton

    How long is the beta

  19. Blitsheart

    What version of Battle of the Big Bridge is being played in the background? Haha

  20. Oni Chan

    will this be a free to play game?

  21. SwampMilk84

    Does this game have bots? I know the first match does but do they after that?

  22. Judge Minty

    I can not wait for this game! I’m not a big fan of BRs but this one has all my attention

  23. Mike Oakes Hart

    Is that in game music? Sound like Final Fantasy music.

  24. Pervy

    Looks fun. Wish the combat was more fluid like C9 tho.

  25. Kenけんケン

    I thought you could only parry disarm blue attacks? From the looks of things can you can parry any attack?

  26. John Smith

    don't like the preset characters. they should allow for real customization. not just outfits. didnt china come out with a game like this last year? swordsmen x, i think. pretty good but real laggy. they should combine serkiro or nioh concept with the game like "absolver", battle royale style. it would be so good.

  27. FakuTV

    better than darksouls

  28. FakuTV
  29. FlippeR FlappeR

    Battle of the big bridge?!!

  30. BlazingPrincess

    Looks and plays good.. but it also looks like a graphic card burner with all the lights and reflections 🤣

  31. Ginsy

    why does this look smoother than the gameplay we had some days ago?

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