Naraka: Bladepoint Dagger Gameplay — Opening 40 Crates — Outfits Preview

Naraka: Bladepoint was released yesterday~! Testing out the new Dagger for the first time in a practice match. I dunked extra money to try out the loot crates. The game seems a lot more optimized now compared to the previous test. Enjoy~


00:00 Featuring Naraka Bladepoint
00:05 First time Dagger Practice Match
05:36 Loot Boxes Opening 40 Immortal Treasure
09:29 Special High-Grade Outfits Preview

#NarakaBladepoint #BattleRoyale #MeleeBattleRoyale

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Комментариев: 17
  1. DragonAK Gaming

    Your play style always inspires me the most, bro.

  2. Yashiro Kuroh

    Sadly devs went greedy route and made a BR buy to play, it will probably die in some months

  3. mayday303


  4. Chicken Go Pro

    for a moment i wish this game is mmorpg :(

  5. freedomzah

    Glad they added jp dub

  6. Soonie Mini


  7. Etniuh

    the game looks really good but i dont know about the gameplay.. looks like a mess and not accurate, its like u playing with 800ms thats the only reason why i didnt buy it the combat/gameplay looks bad for me

  8. ThankForMemory

    Whoa your Costume really Distract me

  9. tomato cake

    i hate it when they decide to add first few match full of bots. also loot crates seen like scam even buying directly cost you less and ensure yellow skin you want. and price are high too. for me yoto skin is best in game right now.

  10. 山村貞子

    don't you think the enemies are bots with generated nicknames? They are too dumb somehow

  11. Nanbopally

    A lot looks like Xaoc online. But updated and upgraded. I wish someone coverage d that title

  12. marshmallow laser

    are you fighting bots?

  13. 7down bo

    what is better, this or hunter arena?

  14. James Clifford Flores

    Did u miss the game Microvolts surge?

  15. Damian88ok.-

    Naraka : Blade and bots

  16. Bryan Chong

    no longer playing lost ark?

  17. Chanilra life

    ติดตามดูมา 10ปี

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