Naraka Bladepoint Bloodrippers and Cannon OP Japanese Voices

Trying out the Bloodripper for the first time, just hold LEFT CLICK and Win? Also, I just found out the Cannon with a near-complete set of Cannon jades just destroys players. I suppose I should stop ignoring range jades now.

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Комментариев: 17
  1. chuck

    Ngl I read bloodstrippers

  2. Tyrant

    that was dirty, step

  3. Sten A

    I might be trippin', but is that Rin's VA from Fate/SN?

  4. 9BeastKing

    Yeahh these need removed lol especially the cannon

  5. BalloonBoi

    damm those cannons combos thooooo XDD

  6. Yeest540

    So you just run around poking people with that weapon? xD

  7. King

    Step how do you have JP voices while keeping the english text?!

  8. Do you know Red Velvet?

    the sheer number of playstyles in this game is enough to justify the P2P model, gonna try ranged only now 👍

  9. Projekt Kana

    @Steparu how so you escape from Titan, so fast ? >.< I Can never get away from them, not to mention I get grabbed from long distance, and thru building sometimes

  10. Lightning Scarlet

    Can you tell me the Glyph you use when playing Matari?

  11. Soonie Mini

    love it

  12. Davi Lessa

    an really good cannon combo, but it needs a great luck to pick all of theses jade acessories, it's kinda 1 in 30 matches btw

  13. RagnarokMaster

    The cannon gameplay was truly…Explosive! …Okay…I'll see myself out now.

  14. CRUZ [CSGO]

    bloodrippers are just op if one has u locked…. i hate that weapon

  15. Locke

    That was difficult to watch.

    The drill gun would make me rage.

  16. Rae Crisos

    Watching the canon part just remind me getting surround by 4-5 palyer with cannon alone :( Kaboom~

  17. Stiven Sepulveda

    Awww how did you changed just the voice?

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