MXM PvE Gameplay Playing As Poharan and Jinsoyun

My last gameplay video of MXM Global Test! Japanese audio with English subtitles is nice. I hope the English version will have that option in the future or Korean voices! She’s unlockable in Blackram Supply Base

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  1. Libo

    It's awesome they have a BnS rep in this game.

  2. Xio Ken

    Tell me they added Hae Cena(Mujin)!!

    It's looking really nice , hope the english version is coming soon.

  3. KristerK


  4. renfluxx

    When game come to Eu ?

  5. daniel esquivel zarrabal

    it is global server or just a test on jp server with subs?

  6. Xell1987

    looks interesting. I am more a fan of PVE then PVP. I like this Diablo mode

  7. FrenzyMode

    Any news on Cosmic Break 2 NA?

  8. Memoire

    Is there any chance to play the game?

  9. xchul

    i want play this game so much, but… ip block T_T

  10. Patrick Chiafullo

    Are there any City of Heroes characters in this game? xD

  11. ohlala lala

    Kinda similar to Hell diver with bns character.

  12. Mr_Spring_Roll

    I hope the USA version allows for this. I love having japanese or korean dub, vs english dub. IS there an ETA on when the game will come out?

  13. evilskwerl

    so if i use poharan, can i make her give me a bunch of her perfumes so i can get some damn crafting done?!? xD

  14. nnickerson100

    poharan best girl

  15. nemaji

    subscribed :D

  16. Murk Fisher

    Looks like a next-gen Diablo ish game. Will be keeping an eye out for this game.

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