MSGO Blue Destiny 3 and Pixie Melee Short Gameplay

Just messing around on my Federation lowbie character.
I should get back on my Zeon with higher rank players.
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  1. JinNJuice

    I should find some time to play this more. btw, what settings do you have set? Sometimes I get framedrops.

  2. Tien cupquake

    Hey step, do you think this game is worth picking up? Whenever i see you post a video on it, it looks really fun. Im worried about 2 things though, longevity and how much effort it would take to be competitive. For longevity, it looks like its getting to its older stages and maybe i should wait to see if MSGO might get a reboot. Also, in general, im hesitant to join these kinds of online games in the middle of its lifespan because veteran players will have an incredible advantage from both time spent and being able to participate in events that ive missed out on. some games do well in making the climb very fast, giving them access to top tier units (understandably less than veterans though) and keeping a close eye on balance to allow even low tier units compete against higher tier units. im not sure how well MSGO does it.

  3. lawlerzwtf


  4. Taya Tong

    i really cant believe you can walk around and not get shot……the moment i walk pass our def areas, i imeediate get locked and shot off the bat by zeon or meleed no one even lock you the whole game amazing….

  5. RiichinG

    what the heck, the blue destiny 3 can quit exam mode?

  6. Enes Monta

    STEPARUUU!!! After 3 months of playing in RO i got really hard bored now..i'm being searching a game for a week..can't find one..atleast good one..or a new one incoming in 1 month or 2..
    help me pls xD

  7. K. J.

    Reminds me of the old good days of Exteel Online.
    I want it back !

  8. Ferrick

    gotta love speedy melee MSes lol, too bad they made The-O broken as all hell

  9. Jeremy john Hall

    is this on PC, console, or mobile

  10. patrick villz

    i miss exteel

  11. Sever Teran

    Step have you uploaded a queb vid? I know you have it. Or at least used to.

  12. TSOMcrew

    I used to play the japanese version but my vpn trial ran out and I got no money to subscribe. It's been a while now and I started playing the taiwan version today. What confuses me is that I have zeon mobile suits from the start despite being a feddy. I even got a hamma hamma on my first draw. There isn't any launching sequence at the start of the game anymore either and there's alot less Mobile suits to buy even though the TW version is at their ZZ gundam phase. Is this all just an update over the time I stopped playing or is this just the taiwan version?

  13. Reia

    Good to see that it gained some more urban maps since launch, best places with melee since its hard to just bazooka spam a choke like most of the near release maps xD

  14. YuGaming

    I tried playing this game…really wanted to love it as a huge Gundam fan. But its completely unbalanced. Wound up facing people who had insanely better suits then I had. After 15 matches of not being able to kill anyone, save maybe 1 or 2 people who were like me, starting suits, i gave up. I don't understand how anyone progresses in this game.

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