Moonlight Blade Tangmen Puppet Master Low-Level Gameplay

Just leveling up my Tangmen, I don’t have the flying skill yet.
Random male outfits XD. Big update next month, maybe Loli class. — PC — MMORPG — Chinese

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Комментариев: 28
  1. David Wayne

    flying skil i want to seeeee

  2. Fiethsing

    So when you change your costume does the doll change too? Or do you have the option to customize each?

  3. Julio Medina


  4. Persephone Main

    This class looks so difficult to play ;__;

  5. KrayzieBuddha

    I wanted to play this but it's difficult to even sign up to play >.>

  6. Glasses guy

    Does it have gamepad support?

  7. Dadudeee

    cant wait for it to come Na

  8. Steven Chin

    Why the puppets are…. Loli…

  9. nyapism

    many people don't get it, tangmen is awesome! and puppetry ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. Good Girl

    ………… (loves u) T_T♥

  11. Toraseishin

    I'm personally not a fan of the puppet, but I LOVE the style and especially the fan weapon. I've been DYING to play a fan class since the beginning of time xD
    I can't wait!!! Also those outfits and hairstyles/accessories are incredible.

  12. Yeoh Hong Chen

    May i know how do you fly around so freely? do you have to pay for it?

  13. Zetsushige

    awesome this makes me want to download tencent again and try moonlight blade now

  14. moty fokol

    that is my main class for sure….btw is there a way to change the gender of our puppet?

  15. Mercenary128

    Right in the doll fetish

  16. rjc523

    cool and loli puppets hell yea! lol

  17. Philipe de Souza Santos

    looks beauty, but it's fun?

  18. witch cvlts

    those male characters are really beautiful (^▽^)

  19. Aram Alatrash

    is there no other players?does this game have dongeons or big boss fight of some sort

  20. Taya Tong

    what make this better than blade and soul? feel like the same

  21. Tkmisere

    Oh, does he have the Blue SIlver Grass? His name is Tang San too?

  22. DeeeFoo

    Reminds me a bit of Dynasty Warriors. The Chinese setting, the high number of mobs, the fast-paced combat, and the beautiful and flashy skill animations. Can't wait for it to come out in English!

  23. Ibrahim Mahdi

    This looks better than age of wushu sh*t. And dynasty warriors mobs.

  24. Trang bym

    Which computer specifications are you using?

  25. Ef Five

    Basically Unbreakable Machine Doll

  26. Somnium PNG

    When you create a puppet master, can you customize the apperence of the puppet too? Or can you only change how the puppet looks with different outfits?

  27. Nina R.

    Any new information on when the game will be released in the EU?

  28. It's a shame, I wanted to create a male character and have a male puppet as well.

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