Moonlight Blade Online New Loli Update — Long Customization Preview

New Loli is finally out on the official servers. She can be all jobs. More Information — MMORPG — Action Combat — F2P Live

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Комментариев: 27
  1. OnePunch

    suupeer tiny xD

  2. Rafa Rodríguez

    you only do lolis, and this mmorpg isnt even the best

  3. nein neins

    i love loliss i want to sniff their pantiess

  4. Mercenary128

    I'm a simple man…

  5. Luna rukasū


  6. Marlowe Preston

    Can you make them brown lolis?

  7. SakuraKahn

    When this comes to the US, I can say "Moonlight is my only online MMO installed on my PC." But no one knows when it'll come… :( OMG the LOLIS!!

  8. D4nt3z0r

    PC specs? really Nice quality

  9. crunchburger

    Play the male umbrella class lol

  10. Teco Tek

    Mmorpg's need more shota's QQ

  11. Nox_Atra Wendigo

    I not call that long only 17 mins. XD I customized my character almost 2-3 hours….XDDD Buuut only black hair in this game? :C

  12. David Wayne

    i want loli with girl doll

  13. Jun

    Finally, a bob hairstyle

  14. Taylor Cypcar

    It just doesn't make sense to have little girl characters but not boys.

  15. Astaroth

    only 1 hair color?

  16. Blade

    Moshi moshi police-san?

  17. yuuyuu


  18. Bn T

    is the level range got updated to 90+ too in this update? :D



  20. Oasis

    How about little boys? :c

  21. Seungsation


  22. Last Walts

    no bewb slider??

  23. eline

    So is it easy to understand what you are supposed to do in the game like quests and stuff?

  24. Bamboo Gameplay

    You can't modify body ?

  25. 傻逼从不缺你一个


  26. Blue Dusk

    she looks like Mathilda from Leon :D

  27. Yiazmat83

    for ever dream that this game coming to eu / west
    best mmo ever

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