Moonlight Blade Online Loli Character Update & Emotes Trailer

Moonlight Blade is finally going to get lolis next week.
Modified to look slightly older in the CN version compared to KR. More Information Images

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  1. Yasviele Ch

    Mmorpg… Mmorpg never changes.

  2. Pentor

    Do they have English language in the game or not? And where can I download?

  3. Kelvin Martinez

    Wow I have to admit that this is cutest moment I have ever seen in a MMORPG.And it feels like mother and father and daughter are just enjoying each other together.

  4. Solaire Kun

    Steparu is a loli lover :D

  5. AwkwardNinjaGuy

    What outrageous clipping.

  6. Ace Combat Girl

    WHAT? LOLIS!? I guess Stormblood launch trailer can wait

  7. tjohan

    Loli function: +9000 Cute stats

  8. Chr1sT0fu

    Hey Step has this game been confirmed for NA/EU ?

  9. Noja8787

    FBI just kicked my door down and asked me for a release date then left. What the fuck?

  10. erlus

    Seems perfect for people that want to RP a family haha

  11. Marlowe Preston

    When will you be able to show off loli customization?

  12. fatjoe460

    Haha love the comments on here so much.

  13. catbus176

    She's actually pretty cute unlike some loli's that just look deformed.

  14. Samael Cain

    this is so cute.. i totally need it q.p

  15. Lil PorkChop

    :3 yeet

  16. Mirlo2hu

    The face just doesn't look right.

  17. Nasmes Kartz

    I see LOLI, I press LIKE

  18. Ryasson

    Ravioli Ravioli

  19. zzzxxxzzz

    This gives me a reason to live

  20. 호호루


  21. floingdetscha

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  22. gerry salim

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you know why im here

  23. Xien

    100% sure most people will kiss the screen at 0:53.

    Fess up, you lolicon!

  24. Faye

    0:50 thing to do:
    1)get the game
    2)find another old man's loli available to exchange kisses

  25. Monopojogus X

    The mmos could always use more lolis. Is that like an npc child for couples in that game or something

  26. Teco Tek

    gimme her little brother instead! ><

  27. Martin Ivanov

    fap intesifies

  28. Form

    Steparu!!! Durango is being released June 31st or somewhere in that week! Teaser trailer has been released!!

  29. EJHC

    I didn´t want to play a new MMORPG but oh well, the loli calls.

  30. Sponge007

    Why only a girl?Maybe I want a boy


    Feds can just fuckin cuff me for clicking on this

  32. David Wayne

    0:59 WTF!

  33. Vlican

    this is relevant to my interests

  34. Aluka Gozen

    Flat is justice !

  35. Yani Gosselin

    Steparu, when is it coming out ? Thank !

  36. Taya Tong

    the real world doesnt have such beautiful loli….

  37. John Doe

    erp i mean the rp with a daughter and parents gonna be everywhere

  38. Kiferia

    Is every class getting a loli? Or like a specific class?

  39. Etro Channel

    this is not Loli, It's a child…how can you even have this sick fantasies, brb have to throw up…yuck child molesters
    do you even know the meaning of LOLI

  40. XiaoXian Xu


  41. King True

    but where is the litle boi… WHY CANT WE EVER GET A LITTLE BOI

  42. Carla - Elnea Kingdom

    Omg so cute I wanna cry…WERE IS ENGLISH MOONLIGHT BLADE D=<

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