Moonlight Blade Nighttime Story Questing Level 84

Catching up on some story quests, poking mobs & mini bosses.
The red outfit is really pretty playing with it in preview mode. — PC MMORPG — CN — F2P

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Комментариев: 30
  1. Glasses guy


  2. Eharan L

    years 99999 still waiting for western release

  3. Kelvin Martinez


  4. Tye Roberts

    Shopkeep: So, what kind of protection are you looking for? Facemask? Helm? Gorget? Barbutte?
    Player: Bunny.
    Shopkeep: I'm sorry, I thought you just said-

    (")-(")o BUNNY.

  5. sho

    ugh the download is so slow ;-;

  6. Martin Errecarte

    So empty =S

  7. Joy Evan

    The game have no monster n the combat is not that good and also very less skills,

  8. LazeHeat

    the game is great but im still wondering why i dont feel the hype as the one i felt in pso2 and those korean mmo

  9. Ian

    Bet money it's pay to win.

  10. BM nằm đỡ

    give the bunny 1 like

  11. Derriere

    Character models in this game look so good, it's just too bad the combat looks so bland.

  12. Tory

    BUN BUN on your head
    omg I want :D

  13. Tiny

    Steeeeeep ;-; do you have a new guide on how to play this? DX

  14. Greatness+Greatness

    this game might get a na release this year look it up

  15. hovsep56

    bunies poop like crazy i hope she cleans her hair

  16. CatOn FireZ

    so this game is for china server only or we have other english version?

  17. Sergiu-Constantin Ciobanu

    The problem with this game is that the world feels so repetive & empty. Details required to make the world feel alive are missing :(

    Otherwise the combat, animations, graphics and all that are awesome.

  18. Zuzana Vaňková

    Wait…..there is waifu game where I can have a tiny cute pet on my head???!!!!

  19. Dizintegrator

    Can you play this game with one hand? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. RMaclin

    Still hoping one day this comes to west. Before I am too old to enjoy it lol.

  21. kitten

    whao you bought the outfit? this one is quite expensive, ahhhh love the outfits from this game ><

  22. 小E

    please check Mabinogi Heroes Eternity out on android ~~~~

  23. Shaolan

    this game is cool and all but its pve is dull and boring !

  24. hard mode

    Looks kind of harder, though still the OP feeelings…

  25. christian arribas

    it remind me of king of avatar for somereason

  26. Dennis

    Need this game to come out in eu/na already..

  27. Lech Laskowski

    Is possibly gamepad ?

  28. Meku Xu


  29. Stefan Mocan

    can moonlight blade be payed whit a controller? does the game have that option ?

  30. Muddled Malkavian

    Hey, I just downloaded the chinese version but I'm from NA. Do you know how I could get the best connection? The English Community has already told me to use WeGame's VPN or Lonlife's, but Lonlife's isn't much better than WeGame's vpn unless you pay for the full version. If you're from NA, or know either way, what would be the best setup for connection VPN wise?

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