Monarch Online First Look Preview Character Creation & Gameplay

Just a first look preview of the char custom and tutorial, spin spin spin weee! Still deciding on playing it more or not :).

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  1. Wasabishi

    anyways… Looks like such a good game o wo

  2. KazurinRyuu

    Reminds me of Dynasty Warriors. Combat seems a little stiff though.

  3. TheProKill3r

    Are there any korean games you recommend that don't require an SSID or something to play and that is relatively easy to download?

  4. Ming Le

    Hate the MMO UI, wish someone would shift the UI meta

  5. BboyByungGyu

    Think of it like Dynasty Warriors with click and press skill. Actually since the game is still very new in concept some parts still need major tweaking. For example pvp is very simple. You charge your army/group into enemy and its to see which army can take out their opponent most quickly. So in the end people with ranged mercenary will generally always beat ones with melee mercenary.

  6. MutedMimic

    Man the only thing stopping me is the damn Phone verification lol

  7. Tacorocksman1

    has there been no new news on it?

  8. LolReally

    I miss …soul master…

  9. WafflezGraal

    Did someone steal your name Step? :o

  10. CollidedGeneration

    Looks like Kingdom Under Fire 2 meets bad graphics.

  11. hovsep56

    well atleast the mobs are not on dynasty warrior's level of easy

  12. Kaoru Sugimura

    yea but this game will likely hit the West before KuF 2 does lol

  13. relai3100

    how did you come up with that hypothesis? … i want KuF 2 T_T

  14. Hao Ren

    I've seen some other online game reviewers also having same cases XD


    So, do you control only one character here or the whole army?

  16. Joey Knight

    Actually, dynasty warriors was specifally made to make noob players feel better about themselves.

  17. Joey Knight

    i thought KUF2 was like june 30 or something?

  18. Kaoru Sugimura

    where ever that information came from that is not correct for EU or the U.S because there are yet to be any translations for the game. A lot of sites will list a date for it but then change it as the date moves near. Now i could believe it if you said that that date was for Beta testing in Korea or China but there are not any publishers willing to bring it over seas just yet even though it is very promising.

  19. Joey Knight

    Um.. its on wikipedia and many, many other sites. Its probably referring to SK. But it wasnt being specific, it just says, "As of January 2012 it is expected to be released for PC and PlayStation 3 on June 30, 2013"

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