MobiusFF — Final Fantasy XIV Ultima Weapon Multiplayer — Y’shtola — Knight of Eorzea

Just a short preview of the FFXIV 5-Star Event Boss in MFF.
Also included the part where it blasted everyone into oblivion.
Sephiroth(WoL), Cloud, Y’Shtola, Knight of Eorzea.

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  1. I like Mayo


  2. Yuen

    Y'shtola class? Say whaaaa…

  3. JJFats2384

    Is it not possible to get that much HP in the current update of the International version?

  4. Mii Rico

    Have you started upgrading the new weap Step? how good is it compared to Masamune for Sephi?

  5. Pocky Styx

    I mean, of coarse this fight is WAY easier when you go in unsynced lol

  6. 00 4

    Hey sir , do u have any good guide site for newbie ?

  7. Luci lou

    do u have a video or recommendation on builds and how to build and get max damage potential ?

  8. Luci lou


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